PJ leaves in 18 days and I’m gonna try my mega hardest to focus all my emotional energy on being excited for him. I AM excited for him, I’m excited for him to see Hong Kong for the first time, meet his new colleagues and to start establishing our new life!

I’ve spent far too much time concentrating on how hard this is going to be and not enough time thinking of all the absolutely incredible things he’s going to see and do, and eventually I’ll be doing them to. The next few months are going to be an adventure, I’m sure our long distance relationship will be hard to adjust to at first but I can’t wait to be excited for Skype dates, long detailed emails (yes Paul, every last detail!) and then for the countdown to when I see his beautiful boyish face again!

I’m gonna be living in freaking Hong Kong with the love of my life soon, why should I be anything but excited!!!

Tell me what you think..

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