I am STUFFED to the brim with amazing FOOD! I have gorged myself this weekend, scallops, beef rib and orange cheesecake on Saturday! Chicken pie, fries and Victoria sponge cake today! I wish I could say I’m comfort eating but the truth is I just love all the food all the time – happy or sad I will eat it all. 

If you get the chance to dine at Michael Caine.. (no, not CAINE – he doesn’t cook!) ..s


(Oh ok then, maybe he does)

I actually mean a professional chef called Michael Caines – a quick Google reveals he has two Michelin stars!
So.. if you ever get the chance to dine at one of his restaurants (we’ve been to the Chester one twice – lovely!) then do it! The food is delicious, the service is incredible and the cocktails, oh the cocktails.

Thank you to PJs parents for treating us to a beautiful meal as a celebration/farewell.

This evening was slightly less glamorous, sat on Pauls floor watching Netflix. Paul watched Robin Hood: Men in Tights for the first time and laughed all the way through. He then kicked my bum at play fighting. 

All in all a successful weekend! 

This time in two weeks he’ll be well on his way to Hong Kong EEEEK! And I will be wide awake in bed hoping everything is going to plan… and then it’ll be time for me to start getting REALLY excited 😀

Good night!


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