MO’ MONEY MO’ (first world) PROBLEMS

So I have another count down going right now… There’s 3 days left till I get paid, which also means there’s 3 days left before MEGA SAVING begins. 

Here is a bit of back story to my saving, it was originally meant to begin on the 15th of April. This was the next pay date after I found out Paul had accepted his job offer. However, in true Sarah style… I failed. I failed EPICALLY at saving money. I saved so well for a couple of weeks.. until I found the laptop of my dreams (touch screen, convertible, pretty). And so I spent all my savings. I have justified this purchase to myself, and I’ve convinced myself that I’ve justified it to everyone else. But no one is accepting that it’s a worthwhile purchase..
The best reason I’ve come up with is that I can Skype Paul on it.. And yes, it is true that I could also have Skyped him on my phone, or my Kindle…


Anyway, Thursday the 15th is going to be the real deal, the start of something big. I’m definitely not going to be frivolous with my cash. I’m going to deposit it nicely into my savings account and I’m going to spend the bare minimum. By bare minimum I mean enough to survive and also enough to keep me sane. I have to have a social life! From Thursday onwards it’s going to be less beef rib and more beef burger.. less seafood scallops and more potato scallops (mmm). 

Cutting back on some of life’s luxuries should save me some money.. cutting back on the smaller things will be easy. Getting toiletries that are on offer, preparing food rather than ordering out or going the shop on my work lunch hour.. these little things will definitely save me money, and that is the EASY part. The hard part is making sure I don’t blow it all on some diamond encrusted ear phones or ANOTHER new black bag.. and that is why the song is true, mo’ money really does make mo’ problems, especially for a girl like me.

A girl who never suffers from buyers remorse.


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