104 IS EQUAL TO 74

11 days remain before I say ‘see you later’ to Paul for potentially 104 days (at the very most please PJ!). I always try to find ways to make long periods of time seem shorter. When I first started seeing Paul I would see him only from Friday night to Sunday night because of his job. So, for example, I would make a 5 day period a lot shorter in a few easy steps.. Monday always goes quick because you’re half asleep so we can take that off. I’ll see him on Friday night so that’s pretty much a full day we can deduct. Wow, we’re down to only 3 days already! That was usually enough for me, because I could compare the three days of seeing him with the three days ahead of me and I’d think ‘Well the past three days went damn quick, so the next three will fly by in no time!’. By the time I’d applied ‘Sarah Logic’ and crunched the numbers it was Friday night and I was smooching my boyfriend.

Now, this scientific… process.. works just fine for a week, I’ve managed two weeks with it. But can it work on a larger scale, an industrial amount of time.  Let’s see.

104 days – 14 weeks (ish) – 2496 hours.. ok I’m going to stop there because that’s not helping anything.

104 days.

The closest thing I’m going to get to seeing Paul over the next 104 days is Skype. We have pre-arranged that this will be on Sundays.
Therefore, I am omitting every Sunday from my day count.


89 days – we’re looking much better already!

Stay with me, it gets better.

In the last couple of months, Paul has taken up football on a Wednesday night, this results in me not seeing him. So I can subtract every Wednesday from my day count, because if he was in England I wouldn’t have seen him anyways!


74 days! I’ve just reduced 3 months and 12 days down to 2 months 12 days! 

It’s still a lot longer than I’d like, but I’d consider this a success so far! I don’t want to get too technical and delve into half days on our first Sarah Logic lesson – but I think you grasp the basics. 

It’s stupid, and is NOT scientifically sound… But it makes me feel a lot better about being apart from my PJ for so long (but not as long as it first seems 😉 )

Sarah 🙂

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