“The moral of the story is: purge regularly and purge thoroughly because you never know when you might have to move to Hong Kong.” –


I wish I had read that 6 months ago.

I know – I have plenty of time before I have to leave. But I’m lazy, and I’m sentimental. So two things are going to happen here. I’m going to put it off for as long as possible, and then when I finally get around to it I’m going to struggle throwing things away/donating things based on sentimental value. Example: ‘I wore this dress on our first proper date – It doesn’t fit and it’s out of style, but I’ll keep it anyway because of the memories.’ or how about ‘These jeans used to look so good on me but they have a huge hole in the crotch, I’ll keep them in case they repair themselves magically and my thighs become less large.’ I’ve definitely used that one a lot.


A small picture of how many ODD socks I own

Had I read that quote 6 months ago, would I have heeded it’s warning? Probably not, who thinks they’re ever actually going to move to Hong Kong?!

Tell me what you think..

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