I think I’ve justified my laptop purchase now.


My week off from work has started prematurely. Yesterday I spent the entire day on the couch with a headache and, later on, some kind of fish intolerance tummy ache 😦 I whiled away the day by watching Twin Peaks, napping and occasionally popping my head outside to look at the beautiful weather and check my dogs hadn’t been snatched.

Today, I feel marginally better but my head is throbbing again, I’ve decided that hours of TV probably isn’t the wisest idea so I’ve showered, eaten and I’m now appreciating the British sunshine, with my trusty sunglasses on because being in the bright sun isn’t the best idea when you’re headaching.

I have my Poopoo dog to keep me company, but she seems to be down in the dumps and has been sick today so she’s not much fun!


Poopoo and her… friend..

I don’t really have much to say today, I’m just enjoying the moment in my beautiful garden with my little puppy and I’m trying to relax and forget all of my worries and stresses.. for a couple of hours at least.


Tell me what you think..

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