We’ve got to the last season of Seinfeld (desperately trying to finish the series by HK-day). We started the series after seeing a couple of episodes whilst on holiday in Jamaica. Yeah, so what if we watched TV when we were on holiday?! It was a very tiring holiday.

Last night there was an episode where Kramer hires an intern to help him run his day to day life. Paul doesn’t know that whilst watching this, I was giving him a mental stink eye..

I think this is actually the crook eye...

I think this is actually the crook eye…

I was quietly making a connection in my head.. I have taken a week off work for his last week in the UK.. I am the one who is checking all the details about his flight and luggage allowance and all the other important bits.. all whilst he drinks cider and eats a sausage sandwich (THAT I MADE!) ! Blogs about the lovely day he has had and plays Football Manager in BED!

It dawned on me

I am his Kramerica intern!

I’ll have to list all the tasks I’ve undertaken later on – I need to get round to Pauls to sort his clothes out for him. WAT!



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