I am thoroughly enjoying my week off work. The weather has been glorious, I’ve spent almost all of my time with ma maaaain man and it hasn’t flown by! I’m still mid way through the week!

I wanted to share an embarrassing story about Paul aka ‘FP of HK’ after he has shamed me over on his blog.

Ohhh verrrrr good looking there PAUL

Ohhh verrrrr good looking there PAUL

However I’m reallllly struggling to think up an embarrassing or silly or shameful thing that he’s done recently. But believe me, FP of HK, I will get my revenge. And it will be sweet for me, but it will burn for you. You had best understand me when I tell you that I am fire.. I AM DEATH. (Dislcaimer alert: This is not a genuine threat)

Benny Cumberbatch as Smaug.

Benny Cumberbatch as Smaug.

I’ve spent today being semi-productive; I ordered Paul’s HK Dollars and his guitar flight case, I went and did some shopping and I washed my car for the first ever time in like.. a year! BY HAND!
I’m a very proud female.


In the midst of washing.. I took a selfie.



I’m going to miss my Beetle Bug – Paul McCarr when I have to sell him to raise funds for HK.
Despite the HUGE fuel consumption – the tiny amount of miles you get per gallon and the ENORMOUS car tax.. wait. WTF. I may as well sell him now. This car has cost me the price of all the tea in China. However I love how cute he is and how he has a little flower vase. Beetles are the best car.

Another AWESOME thing to happen today was my trip to the shops. I have a little dog – as everyone in the world should be aware. Poopoo, she likes to take little trips out of the perimeter of our house and garden and luckily has been spotted by a passerby, or has managed to not get stolen/eaten/carried off by a hawk. But I decided to take precautions today, the worst could happen. And if she does saunter down the road she needs to be visible – highly visible.

BAM! Hi-Vis Chihuahua!

BAM! Hi-Vis Chihuahua!

I’m almost 100% sure she absolutely loves it, she doesn’t try to fight it. She prances around and looks like a goddamn security guard now. She now also rustles, like a tree in Autumn.

In true lady of leisure style I treated myself to an upmarket takeout of the highest quality. FISH ‘N’ CHIPS. So today, I’ve had an all-american breakfast and a fat-filled fish feast. I’m suffering from these bad choices. I have a mild case of indigestion and I fear the extra weight is already showing on my stomach..

A couple more tasks to do this evening and then relaxxx 🙂

4 days to go…! Eep.

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