I have had periods of almost HYSTERIA today! The only thing I can do is laugh about it really.

So my week of sitting in Paul’s pocket every day has well and truly ended.



That’s his approximate location, somewhere over Germany! Flight tracking is fun. It’s been an emotionally turbulent (tehehe) few days for us both. Lots of tears from me, a few tiny tears from PJ today (I hope he doesn’t mind me saying that).  I have literally been howling with tears since I got home from Paul’s house. I, somewhat, held it together enough to have some lovely chicken noodle soup and coffee and cake with his family before I went home. I cried a bit when his mum asked if I’m OK, I cried a lot when Paul called me from the airport. I cried a lot whilst I was smooching him for the last time in the airport.

I feel like the hardest part is over now, the saying goodbye. I’m going to miss him so much, but there’s so much more to look forward to now.

I’m going to allow myself to wallow for the rest of the day. I stole some of his leftover clothes from his room when we got back from the aiport. So I think it is a night of, comfys, doggys, maybe wine.. and prison architect! I need to rebuild Guantallenmo Bay.. or Allencatraz. It’s a fun game, and enough to occupy my brain for the evening.

OH WAIT!!!!!!

So, this actually happened.

We got all of Paul’s luggage in the car, opened the gates of his driveway to leave, he said his goodbyes to his mum and we got in the car.. engine running etc.

I look, with tears in my eyes, at Paul and decided to try and lighten the mood ‘Have you got everything, your passport and tickets?! LOLOLOL’

Paul looks back at me with an empty look on his face (not unlike this :|)

‘I’m actually not sure I do have it..’

Sure enough, he’d left the most important things on the kitchen table. His flight tickets, passport, hotel confirmation, the details of his job… FACEPALM

It really happened.

It really happened.

So, I’ll finish with that, and the knowledge that Paul is now heading towards the Czech Republic ( I hope I’m tracking the right flight)




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