So I’ve been feeling a few emotions since Paul left for Hong Kong, sad, lonely etc etc.

But now that he’s started telling me about his experiences so far in e-mails, texts and in this awesome blog post!

And now..  ALL I FEEL IS JEALOUSY!!!!! And excitement, but mostly jealousy. All he has really done is go to work and eat his lunch and dinner, but even these simple things seem so much more interesting and exciting.. I suppose everything will at first, but I’m guessing the novelty of it all will last a LOT longer over there than it would do if we’d simply chose to move to a different city in England.

I stayed up late last night, initially so that I could wait until it was late enough in Hong Kong to text Paul to remind him to check his emails.. But then I just wanted to stay up till he went to work, so I did. I got a GORGEOUS picture of him in his suit and I wished him well, and off he went :). I woke up to an email off him and then proceeded to obsessively refresh my emails waiting for his next update.

Little did he know that since he had arrived in Hong Kong, I’d arranged for a local wine shop to deliver a bottle of his fave tipple, Amaretto, to his hotel as a surprise for when he finished work (I am a smooth operator when it comes to gifts) If you are ever in a situation where you have a loved one in Hong Kong and need to send them alcohol FAST I recommend you use these guys! I ordered at 6pm Hong Kong time, it got delivered by 5pm the next day, beautifully gift wrapped with a hand written card. The only problem was the hotel not leaving a message for him to collect it, so I had to ruin the surprise and tip him off about it. But he loved it :).

I’m so happy that I’m feeling this positive and excited. No doubt I’ll have bad times, but it’s really not going to be a long time before I’m there with him 🙂

Tell me what you think..

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