Yeah, you heard, why is it so hard!? And no, I’m not talking about long distance, time differences or dodgy Skype connections this time. I’m talking about throwing old crap away. Is it just me who suffers this problem or is everyone else as rubbish at it too? I seem to put sentimental value into EVERYTHING. I’ve only started sorting through my clothes, don’t even get me started on my trinkets, mementos and… teddy bears *gulp* that’s going to be hard!

I’ll be honest, if I have a dress for a special occasion, I probably won’t wear it again. I don’t know why, I guess I just love shopping and new things. Despite the constant stream of pretty new clothes though, I still can’t just toss my oldies to the curb. No matter how bad they might be…

I don't even know..

I don’t even know..

That bad boy, is one of my favourite dresses. I know, it’s hideous. Looks like something from the 80s which is trying to look like something from the Wild West/Victorian era. Outside of a costume shop, I’ve never seen a dress like it. And I think I rocked it pretty good. But IT DOESN’T FIT. It never has, I only bought it because it was on sale. I don’t really have back arm fat, but in this dress I do. It’s so tight. But I can’t throw it away.. what if I lost weight, serious weight, bone mass. I’ll fit in to it and I’ll look really good in it. I know, that’s not going to happen, but I can’t let go of the hope that it might.


That poor, poor fabric, stretched thin.

So far, the only things I’ve got rid of are scabby old t shirts and that is hard enough! And I have a pile of things to donate to my poor friend Katie, I’m hoping she gives some of my beloved items a home.. It’s still hard donating things though. I don’t want to see her looking all hot and sexy in my clothes! What if she looks better than me.. bitch ;).

The only thing that is making me want to do a lot more trashing, is the knowledge that when I get to Hong Kong.. I can just buy a MASSIVE amount of new clothes XD eeeeek!

11 thoughts on “WHY IS IT SO HARD?!

      • You live in Abundance-world. Clothes are cheap. Once you have worn them a few times, you won’t get back that “OMG That’s Gorgeous!” feeling you had when you bought them- so throw them out, and buy more!


      • I think that’s the best advice I’ve had! They’ve served their purpose, I shouldn’t feel bad about throwing them out. And you’re right, it’s a good excuse to buy more.


  1. I know the feeling of not wanting to donate your old clothes 🙂 what I try to do is to ‘revamp’ them, make some cuts in the back of a t-shirt, make shorts out of jeans, even a dress from a long skirt 🙂 so you may want to try and do something with the dress (i really like it btw)


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