I just read Paul’s latest post. And I hate that he’s feeling lonely in his amazing new city. I hate that I have to find out the extent of his loneliness through his blog, I wish I could have proper talks with him through the week.. however I need to look at this realistically and be honest with myself because I talk to him A LOT more that I expected. I hope he makes some friends tomorrow on his Hong Kong Pub Crawl – even though I keep thinking it’s one of those fresher week uni things where everyone gets wasted and sleeps with each other (so I’ve heard) but that’s just the jealous, paranoid girlfriend talking. I feel kind of guilty, because I just sat here thinking ‘I’m feeling lonely as well boohoo poor me’ and then I realised, wait, hold on Sarah! You’re in your home time, there’s family and friends you could call up if you really wanted to be with someone. There’s local pubs nearby I could go to and I imagine there’d be a few people I would know there. If I REALLY wanted to. But I think, I don’t really want to see loads of people, I’m happy in my solitude. On my own, with Netflix, my laptop and a glass of vodka and lemonade. I’m sure I will want to go out at some stage. But I’m just soaking in how it feels to be at home for the time being.
So, I’m feeling like a bit of an arse for trying to pity myself, I should be supporting Paul and giving him ideas on how to make friends! ACT NORMAL PAUL! Don’t speak in the dunny despicable me accent we do. Don’t say RAS!!!! Do be lovely and funny like you always usually are 🙂 Have fun on your pub crawl PJ!!!!


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