Three days of migraine, headaches and a special guest appearance from puking have really taken their toll on my body and my brain.

I am stuck in this house with my thoughts and my feelings and I’m going crazy.

Coincidentally, I’m halfway through season 2 of Orange is the New Black, it feels quite fitting. Watching a show about women trapped in a bad situation whilst I’m in my own self-made prison.

I’ve had a rough day today, partly my own fault. I feel so worked up, and angry. But then there’s another part of me that’s stood on the outside looking at myself wondering what the hell I’m doing. I’m being stupid, and causing myself unnecessary pain. I can’t stop thinking bad thoughts. It’s like I want to be upset and unhappy.

I can’t stop looking at flights, that’s what my day has consisted of.. Orange is the New Black, and Skyscanner. I just want to be out of this country, back with my boyfriend and starting again.


Tell me what you think..

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