I don’t know whether being a woman is incredibly amazing, or incredibly terrible. Hormones, that is one thing I hate about being a woman.
How you can go from feeling the lowest you’ve ever felt, crying every 30 minutes and assuming the worst.. to being so productive, positive and.. happy. All in a space of two days. It’s.. scary. I can imagine that some women must go through lower days than I do, and that can be pretty scary and pretty dangerous.
It’s hard, at the time, to make yourself understand that it’s the hormones that are making you ‘depressed’. The next day I look back and I cringe at how I acted. I know I can’t help it, but it’s so embarrassing. Down one day and back up again in 24 hours… Crazy.

Today has been good, I’ve done a lot more than I did on Friday and Saturday combined.


How’s THAT for a purge!

I made a HUGE dent in my clear out task. I have no idea what all that stuff is, it’s disgusting how much I’m throwing away.
And I’m not even done yet , there’s so much more that I can get rid of.

Gooooey chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta..

Gooooey chicken, bacon and sweetcorn pasta..

I cooked a home made meal for my mother and I, and it was delicious. All the cheese and the chicken and the bacon.. and the cripy sweetcorn mmmm.

I also relaxed a lot, I’ve done a lot of nothing over the past few days. But doing nothing because you’re ill, and doing nothing because you can are two different things!
I’ve watched most of the new season of Orange is the New Black and I’ve just sat in the sun. Beautiful.

Looking forward to the next writing 101 challenge šŸ™‚


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