Sleeping has been HARD recently.

I don’t know whether to blame it on the stress/excitement of ‘The Big Move’ or whether it’s just because the temperature in my room is around about the average temperature of hell at the moment. Or both. I’ll blame both.

I wanted to sleep so badly, that on Sunday I popped a sleeping pill. After about 40 minutes I started feeling pretty drowsy, and I was thinking ‘Awww yeah, this is the shit I need’. I got to the stage of falling asleep where you feel yourself slipping off, but you’re still slightly conscious. And I stayed at that stage for the rest of the night.
When one takes a sleeping pill, yet doesn’t sleep, one starts to have some bizarre hallucinations. I knew I was awake, and that I was just imagining things, but when you think you see your adorable chihuahua sat on your bed looking at you, you must stroke that dog. And stroke that imaginary dog I did!

After that experience I tried to fall asleep naturally the next few nights. Monday night – fail, Tuesday night – fail, Wednesday night – FAIL! So here I am, Thursday night, freshly showered. My fringe in a roller and my hair plaited neatly – I look like a freak but hopefully I’ll get nice waves – I’ve swallowed my pill and can feel my eyes starting to get heavy.

So there you go, my excuse for not posting, and not taking parting in writing 101 for the past few days. I’ve just been exhausted!



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