Tonight I spoke to my Fresh Prince on Skype.. and we talked about how miserable I have been and how much of a party pooper I have been recently. Which is unfortunately all very true. I am really pooping on his party and it’s not doing either of us any favours. He suggested I write about things I’m looking forward to doing in Hong Kong when I eventually get there whenever that may be. After we disconnected I sulked a little bit and wondered ‘Why can’t he just be miserable like me, until I get there, and then we can both be happy!’ (I’m an awful human being and very bad at being the awesome girlfriend I think I am). I decided to give writing a list a shot.. who knows, it might actually cheer me up..

In no particular order…

#10 Eating out CONSTANTLY
PJ is constantly going on about the amazing food he’s been eating and all of the restaurants that he see’s in the city. I know he’s living in hotels currently but I’m pretty sure that even when he finds his dream flat he will still be eating out every night. I love eating in restaurants, like I really LOVE it. I love getting waited on and having a trained professional put my meal together. I am also hooked on Asian food, so the fact I will have a stupid amount of authentic Asian restaurants to pick from is my dream. I’ve seen so many pictures of PJs meals since he’s been away, they mostly look delicious..

I stole some of his pictures to show just how delicious it all looks – I hope people can understand why I’m jealous and just why I can’t wait to get there so I can EAT..
It’s not all going to be amazing however, there’s going to be some days when I’m either let down by the standard of the food, or the choice of restaurant.. this is one reason I won’t let PJ pick a restaurant when I’m there…

Burger in HK.. Not when I get there buddy!!!!

#9 Exploring a BIG corner of the Earth
I know I know, I’m not even in Hong Kong yet and I’m already putting myself on to a plane to go to another country. I can’t help but look forward to seeing other parts of the world. I’m going to be surrounded by countries that I’ve always wanted to visit, Japan, Thailand.. Mainland China! Amazing countries full of so much culture, more amazing places to eat and beautiful sights and scenery. A flight from Hong Kong to Osaka, Japan, could cost as little as £180 – return! That is nothing, a 3 hour flight and we could see things like this..

beautiful osaka

That was just from a quick search on Sky Scanner, I’m sure there’s a huge amount of cheap flights to other places but I don’t want to look because I’ll get too carried away and will end up booking a holiday before I even get to HK!!

There’s so many cultural events and festivals that happen each year in these countries, living in Hong Kong will give us an amazing opportunity to experience them.
We can have our cake and eat it too!

#8 Actually living with PJ
This is something we’ve been on the verge of for a while now. Initially we were going to move to Manchester, to a nice flat.. then that changed to PJ buying a house near Manchester but in a slightly rural area.. and next thing I know he’s living in Hong Kong. We spent a lot of time together, stayed together most nights and were practically living with each other. It wasn’t REALLY living with each other though.. because, you can’t get completely comfortable in somebody else’s house. We were both as comfortable as we could be at each others houses, but it just wasn’t perfect. It’s going to be amazing to have our place and have it just how we want. Not having to tip toe around other people and being able to sit eating ice cream with no pants on if we so choose (I don’t think we’ve ever actually done that). This is a big one for me and it’s one of the things I’m looking forward to most.


#7 Hong Kong Halloween

Based on pretty much nothing at all, I am excited for having Halloween in Hong Kong. I think I read something once about how people are staring to get into Halloween more over there. I enjoy getting dressed up and going out for it, I don’t do it very often anymore but I’m hoping with the play hard mentality of the place, it will make for a good night. Maybe we could even go to one of the events that either Ocean Park or HK Disney put on. There’s not much I can say about this one really, I’m just looking forward to it. Weird.

#6 Living in a city that doesn’t sleep (much)
I’m simultaneously excited and terrified about adapting to the Hong Kong lifestyle. The other weekend PJ had two nights in a row that lasted till AFTER 3AM! What is the deal with that, that’s hard. Now, I’d say PJ was worse than me for late nights. He wouldn’t really complain so much.. he’d just make a comment about the fact I was awake till late reading whilst he was trying to sleep because he’s got work in the morning blah blah blah.. But all of a sudden he’s got this new lease of life, he’s still getting up for work early despite the fact he’s been up and out till gone midnight. He’s older than me, so technically I should be able to keep up with him. I don’t want to be shown up by an ageing quantity surveyor. I want to be a crazy little party girl!


Seriously though, I am looking forward to being in a city that is buzzing all night long and every night of the week (so I’ve heard).

#5 Chinese Opera 

Here’s a picture of Jackie Chan and his Chinese opera group ‘The Seven Fortunes’ in his book it says he’s ‘fourth one from the right’ which is also fourth from the left and also right smack bang in the middle of the photo.

I started reading Jackie Chans autobiography a while back, it was interesting but at the time I had fell out of love with reading so I only got a few chapters in. I picked it up again recently, remembering that Jackie Chan is from Hong Kong. The first part of the book largely focuses on his childhood and how he came to get into show business by being trained in the art of Chinese Opera. It’s fascinating to read about it, and it’s made me want to see it for myself. His memories focus largely on the discipline he received during his training, it sounds absolutely awful. However, the international superstar claims that he probably wouldn’t be where he is today if he didn’t have that high level of discipline. Beating children is outlawed now, but a lot of the older performers would probably say the modern opera isn’t as good as it used to be, because there’s no discipline. Did I say discipline too many times then? I probably did but I don’t care because I’m an amateur blogger! Get over it.

Anyway, I’m desperate to see live Chinese Opera. Because I’m cultured yo. And if PJ goes to one before I get there I will maim him, seriously now BF.

#4 shopping, shopping, SHOPPING.
I can’t wait to shop. I can’t wait to visit all the massive designer stores in the humongous shopping centres. I can’t wait to visit the street markets, night markets, any kind of market. I can’t wait to find vintage and antique shops. I’m so excited to spend money that I haven’t yet saved or earned. I’ve made a conscious effort to not Google ‘Hong Kong Shopping’ because I really wanted to avoid drooling onto my fancy newish laptop. But, I suffer for my art.. and yes, I’m calling this badly written blog ‘art’. The truth is, I know little about the shopping scene, I know just enough to know that I’m going to love it. I think it’s about time I dove in a little deeper.
Okay, I’m sure you’re meant to research before you write but I’m ‘live blogging’ my Google results right now.
PJ is hoping to live in Causeway Bay, he clearly had me in mind when he thought this because I just found this little gem of a quote.

“If shopping is a sport, Causeway Bay is the Olympic Games. This is where consumerism is out and proud, and every available square inch is seemingly devoted to worshipping at the altar of retail.”

Source: Discover Hong Kong

Wow- and that is just a tiny area on Hong Kong Island. A whole district, devoted to shopping.

I’m excited to go to the street markets of Hong Kong, a well documented one is Cat Street Antiques Market. I’m sure I’ll find plenty of goods to dress our tiny pad in.
There’s going to be a lot of well known areas to shop, but I’m looking forward to finding all the hidden treasures, the independent shops. The places where you can buy all the cheap stuff that you see on eBay that comes from Hong Kong.

#4 Not needing to drive.
I recently had an incident that had left me without a car. I really depend on driving in England, so it’s a massive pain in the bottom to be without personal transport. I hate to have to rely on buses or have the high cost of getting taxis, just to get me to work – not to mention all the little things I take for granted like popping to the shops for some snacks. I’m looking forward to the fact that not having a car won’t be an issue. Hong Kong has a great public transport system, and if you need to walk somewhere it’s a lot safer than being in the North West of England. It might seem like a boring thing to look forward to, but it’s going to be amazing for me. I hate driving.

#3 Making friends.
Ok, this one is a bit of a lie. I’m not 100% looking forward to making friends. It’s going to be a challenge for me because we’ve recently realised I’m crazy. I’ve somehow got the idea into my head that no one is really interested in getting to know me, so why should I bother getting to know other people (BECAUSE YOU NEED FRIENDS SARAH!). How strange of a mindset is that? I love my friends, but they can’t come with me. So I’m going to really need to pull my finger out and put on my happy friendly face and genuinely make an effort. I don’t know whether I have trouble over here because I’m constantly surrounded by people I’ve know FOREVER, or because there’s not many opportunities to make new friends here. I’m hoping that the situation I’m in will give me the jump-start I need to start being more of a social butterfly and less of a dusty old moth. PJ has made friends already, he’s super awesome at being a fun friendly guy. He needs to give me some lessons.
I’m going to get him to sign me up to some ‘meet people’ events so I can flex my friendly muscles, scary!

#2 Being near beaches!

I want to be near beaches, I love the beach, especially when there is a lot of lovely hot weather. I hope that we go to beach often, and it doesn’t turn out to be one of those things where you just never get round to going all that often. The beaches there look beautiful.. some are strangely named ‘Repulse Bay Beach’ what?!

Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay you do not repulse me!


And Stanley Beach, you’re beautiful!

Who doesn’t love the beach, sure, sand gets in your toes and in your bum cheeks but it’s lovely being in the sea.


Now, we’re down to number 1.. I know I said this isn’t in an order. But this is #1 for good reason.

#1 Seeing my PJ again!!!!
I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do any of this if it wasn’t for PJ and his ambitious outlook on life. It’s no secret that I’ve been missing him, but what would a list of the top ten reasons to not be sad be if he wasn’t on it!
Out of everything on this list it’s the thing I’ll be doing first, as soon as I get to Hong Kong. I’ll have his lovely little face greeting me at arrivals and taking me back to wherever he”ll be based. I’m excited for our second Hollywood movie style reunion kiss in the airport and for our first meal together in HK.
And then we can carry on from where we left off..
2014-05-25 11.59.24

Well, there we have it, it’s taken me a few hours.. but I’ve managed to find 10 things to be happy about!




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