I’m tired a lot at the moment, but I get stage fright when it’s time to go to sleep.
I lay in bed, reading or looking at the endless wonders of the Internet.
My eyes start to get heavier and my body starts being absorbed by the mattress.
And then I realise that I’m beginning to fall asleep.
That’s it, my heart starts racing, my eyes are wide and my bed starts to feel like a wooden board.
I started taking some standard pharmacy sleeping pills, they worked for a while but gave me a hungover feeling.
A herbal tea worked really well.. But the last time I drank it, it kicked in late and I was drowsy all day.
Sometimes I imagine relaxing situations.
I used to picture my perfect bedroom, the bed, the view, the design and the feel of the sheets.
And then I’d think about getting into the imaginary bed in the made up room, and I’d feel myself fall asleep.
That stopped working after a little while, so I came up with something new
I imagined I was like a leaf falling from a tall tree, spiralling through the forest on the wind.
I floated down a river for a while and settled on a sandy bank.
That works nicely.. but it takes a long time.


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