A lot of people really DON’T get along with their significant others parents. I, on the other hand, get invited over to their house whilst their son is out of the country and literally get wined and dined! They really seem to like me, which is funny because I hate them. I’M KIDDING!!!!!

I had such a lovely weekend with Paul’s parents, it was really nice to see them and catch up. Being there without him was strange, not in a bad way. I feel so comfortable there, but I did expect him to walk into the room a few times – that’s the kind of things you say when somebody dies.
We had three different meats, rice and some decorative salad and we watched Hard Candy.. which, if you haven’t seen it, is an uncomfortable film about a 14 year old girl and a paedophile.
There was absolutely NO embarrassing moments. At all.. ;).


I slept really well that night.. That could have been because of many reasons, wine, a lot of food, exhaustion from painting.. or staying up till 2am messaging Paul before he went on his Birthday day out..

Well the weekend has really raised my spirits and put me in a good mood.. lets hope this continues 🙂


One thought on “MEAT AND WINE

  1. Seemed like you had the best night ever at my parents hahaha I’m sure you won’t get invited back now you said you don’t like them, they read this you know :p Also that food ❤


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