Yesterday, Paul went on another Hong Kong pub crawl. As usual, I told him how jealous I was.. and he responded with ‘You’re gonna be in the middle of it soon baby, officially!’. He’s right, I’ve handed my notice in to work and I fly to be with him on August 13th, no more long distance, no more envy!

That’s the last I heard from him for hours, I pester him.. a lot.. so I decided for a little while to leave him to it. I left him some messages on Facebook, I started being a little bit moody with him because it’s not nice to get no response from your boyfriend you haven’t seen for 6 weeks!
A couple more hours went by with nothing, my phone is currently in for repair so I don’t have our normal messaging app, Whatsapp.. so I decided to download it on to my computer to see if it would tell me if he’d been online (I am a super paranoid girlfriend)
I literally just sat, staring at the Whatsapp screen and all of a sudden it changed to ‘online’ I sent him so many messages, and got a couple of badly typed replies. I had been worried, but now I was panicking. I tried calling his English phone, and then I found his Hong Kong number and called that.. It rang out with no answer. I had no idea what was going on or what to do.. and then it got worse.

I must have left my phone for a minute, and when I checked back there was a missed call off Paul, I actually breathed a sigh of relief and hit the call button.
When he answered, his voice sounded strange. He was talking about our friend Lewis and saying he was trying to get to his house.
‘I’m coming to your house Sarah, walk and meet me.’
I kind of thought it was a joke and I told him ‘Paul, you’re in Hong Kong you’re drunk!’
He really didn’t appreciate that and was really aggressive, swearing and telling me I don’t trust him or believe him. Telling me I never trust him. He was adamant that he was in England, and that he was on a road near my house. There was no convincing him otherwise, I quickly realised that he had to have been drugged. He didn’t seem drunk, he spoke really well and he really believed what he was saying. I have no doubt that his mind was actually seeing our home town.

I was terrified, I didn’t want the call to disconnect, I could hear cars and was worried he might step in to the road. I only had his voice, I didn’t know where he was or who was around. I was so useless. I needed to get him back to reality and it a hard thing to do. At first I just started yelling at him, trying to sound assertive so that he would believe me. That did not work, he just yelled back louder and hung up on me a couple of times, he threatened to break up with me, and that really hurt even though I knew it wasn’t him. At one stage I told him I was in Hong Kong, that I’d flown over to surprise him and he should get a taxi to his hotel.. This also didn’t work, he sounded so upset when he thought he wasn’t going to see me and I think he hung up on me again. Another trick I used was telling him to get a taxi and give the driver the phone and I would give the driver directions to where I was because it was a surprise. Didn’t work. Finally, I asked him to tell me what he could see.. now, the situation was awful, trying to convice him he was in Hong Kong was the hardest thing to do, but hearing the realisation in his voice made me smile and made me so happy.

‘Paul I can’t see you, tell me what you can see so I know where you are’
‘Well, there’s a canal which is in Runcorn, because I’m in Runcorn.. There’s a sign that says HK Electrical investments.. which is weird because HK is like Hong Kong.. there’s a sign I can’t read because it’s in Cantonese.. There’s two huge buildings.. can you see those buildings Sarah?’
(I felt  like this was working so I played along ‘Uhh, yeah Paul..’
‘Uhmm.. is there two big buildings in Runcorn..? I’m not sure where I am.. I thought I was in England..’

And that was that, after like an hour of yelling and swearing.. telling me he was covered in mud and blood he’d finally come back to me and it was actually Paul again.

I’ve just written about the parts that were between Paul and I, there was a whole other side to this with his sister trying to get somebody to come and get him.. Paul had sobered up by then so the people at the British Consulate decided he didn’t need any help.. and he was left to get home in the pouring rain all by himself.

I have no idea why any body would ever put mind altering drugs in the body willingly. It did not sound like fun, and when my poor boyfriend came down from his little trip he sounded so alone and confused and embarrassed.

I truly hate the person who thought it was funny to do this to someone, it could have been fatal. He’s injured, cut and swollen. There could be some after effects from whatever drug was used and it’s certainly raised my worry level up.
It wasn’t Paul’s fault, there’s nothing he could have done to prevent this apart from not go out. It’s a shame that there is horrible people out in the world.

So there we go, the worst night I’ve ever had.

3 thoughts on “A REAL NIGHTMARE

  1. So I can’t really press like on this for obvious reasons… but it was wierd reading it all back! What a mental night. Sorry I worried my darling! xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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