Are you meant to become more or less sensitive as you get older? I’m definitely becoming more sensitive, more squeamish. I’m going to be one of those adults who can’t cope with anything. Is 25 classed as adult? I started crying tonight because a nice girl told me that I need to return my hire car tomorrow. I was crying because it means I have to start getting the freaking bus. I watched pretty much the whole of ‘Rectify’ on Netflix today. It’s a show about a guy who is put on death row for killing a girl when he was 19, 20 years later he’s released because of a technicality with some evidence. I cried SO MUCH – I don’t want to say why I cried, because I want everyone to watch it because it’s great. I get so emotionally involved when I watch TV shows or films.. or read books where somebody is in pain, or is getting hurt or is sad in anyway. I get emotional listening to songs – songs that I can not relate to in any way whatsoever. I’m getting upset because I’m going to miss my dogs when I leave for Hong Kong. I’m getting upset because I can’t justify bringing my teddy bear dog Stephanie to Hong Kong with me – she’s going to miss it all! I can’t watch footage of real surgery and tonight I’ve started covering the screen if there are scenes of brutal violence.. I never used to be this way, I used to have a strong stomach!

Overall, I’m doing ok today. I’ve had a few hits today but I’m getting used to bad things happening at the wrong time now.



Not long now anyway..

One thought on “SOFT IN OLD AGE.

  1. oooh nooo cryingggg 😦 my poor darling!
    Aww it is sad about your doggys, i miss them too! That’s why I wanted a picture of the moody little shit, Piki ❤
    hope you're alrightttt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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