A CHANGE IS AS GOOD AS A REST (a change and a rest is better)

I spent 4 out of 5 working days at home last week. I wasn’t very well and the rest did me some good. I became officially car less during the week.. Oh I took that HARD. I’m a pedestrian again and it’s not fun. It’s better in some ways, I don’t have to worry about going to a fast food place and eating all the bad stuff.. Because I can’t drive there. It’s a lot harder for me to go shopping.. which means I save money. The only hard part is getting to work for the next two and a half weeks!

So, after my week being sick and sad and moany I decided to have a change – not a major change, just my hair!



I got another ombrĂ© and I love it! I put a little bit of lilac in it but it didn’t take too well.

So I’m almost into my 30 day countdown.. 31 days today an I will be on a plane on my way to Hong Kong. Nerves are starting to set in, as well as excitement!

Tell me what you think..

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