This week got off to a strange start, I went to work on Monday and on Tuesday I found myself unemployed.. two weeks earlier than expected. I’m not complaining, I’ve been paid for the whole month and I have just under 4 weeks to get things in order before I fly to HK.
Without going in to too much detail, I decided to stay off work on Tuesday. Monday had been a very testing day for me. I had bad news from work and from my car insurance company. I didn’t sleep very well that night and, when I woke up, I thought ‘I’m going to stay in bed today.’ And because of that they told me, ever so politely, to not come back and wished me well for the rest of my life.
Up until that phone call I had been alternating watching Arrested Development on Netflix and napping. After I hung up the phone, I got a wave of productivity and went straight up the stairs to carry on painting my bedroom. For the rest of the week I’ve alternated relaxing and decorating. Spontaneous unemployment was the best thing to happen to me.
I’m having guilt-free sleep-ins, I’m eating a lot more (that may be a bad thing) and I don’t feel bad about my Netflix marathons because I’m having them as a reward for doing some hard work.. such as painting a ceiling during a mini heat-wave.
As soon as this room is decorated and restocked with furniture I can start to filter through my belongings and decide what will be travelling for 18 hours with me to our new life. I’m also having the chance to sit back and appreciate all the things that I’m going to miss, spending time cuddling my dogs and lazing in the wild and wonderful garden that we don’t spend any time tending.
So, thank you to my previous employer for doing me a favour by cutting me loose earlier than expected. You’ve helped me to get even more excited for my imminent life change!

Enjoy some photographs of my first week of unemployment..



Sarah ❤




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