These post titles are getting pretty snappy.

I peered in to the room that houses all of my worldly possessions. What I saw was a lot of hard work and frustration. I still need to sort out my whole life and pack it into 30kgs worth of luggage (plus 10kg hand luggage). I have 25 days to do it. So I decided to ignore it and carry on painting. Getting my eyeballs coated in paint and bending backwards to paint my ceiling was much easier than rifling through all of my clothes..
After I finished – shoddily – painting the ceiling I lay back on my bed underneath my fan and pondered what to do next.. I thought about the piles of clothes again. Instead, I got down on my hands and knees and scraped off all of the emulsion and gloss paint that somehow found it’s way on the floor.
Once the floor was clean and fresh I had a break, a couple of episodes of Arrested Development (I probably killed an hour and half watching TV).
Finally, I went back to my ‘walk-in wardrobe/floordrobe’ and took a good look around. And then I spotted the drawers that I tried to renovate last year.. so, instead of doing something that I really desperately need to do, I threw everything off of the drawers and dragged them in to my bedroom. Because a set of unfinished drawers, with no handles and pretty much no use would look great in my bedroom.


Ok.. so the drawers do look good in the room, and when the antique style handles finish drying (because I also painted them today..) they will look great and will also make the drawers functional. I also painted a little white bench style stool that was in the wardrobe room.. because I realised it would look cute next to the drawers and make it in to a casual desk.

That is what I call ‘Productive Procrastination’. I desperately wanted to avoid one task, so I did numerous other tasks instead. Some of them were a lot more hard work than just sorting out clothes, some where completely unnecessary.
What am I.



That’s correct, Pusheen, 25 days left!

Sarah ❤



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