So I finally put a tiny little dent in to the glacier that is my entire wardrobe today.
I’ve developed three piles (No not those kinds of piles);
Stuff that I want.
Stuff that I don’t want, but someone else might want.
This stuff is nasty no one will want it, why did I buy it?!

Obviously I have impeccable fashion sense and incredible style so the third pile isn’t very big.. ahem..

The stuff that I want is huge, far more that 30 kg and I’m going to have to filter though that heap again and again.

The final pile, however, is sizeable.. Nowhere near as big as the stuff I want. But big enough to feel accomplished with. I felt so accomplished that I decided to go a step further and put some of that stuff on eBay (sorry to my friends who may have had their beady little eyes on it).
So far, I’ve only listed 14 items.. I’ve got a few more things I’ll be sticking on there and I’m sure that there’ll be a lot of stuff from the want it pile that will find its way there too.

I previously gave away about 8 bags of clothes to charity, and whilst I feel really happy that I did that I’m a bit annoyed at myself for not making the time to try and make some money. There was a lot of really new, perfect condition clothes in those bags! But at least they’ve gone to a good cause and helped a friend out too.

I’m not very skilled with eBay, I can shop and bid and buy it now. When it comes to selling though, I don’t really know what I’m doing. I thought it would be easy.. I took my pictures and wrote the title description of what I was listing and then scrolled on down to the description.. Hmm.. I felt like I was writing the first couple of lines to a book, or an important essay.

‘Here, we have..’ Nope nope, that sounds too British gentleman.

‘Please buy my..’ Ugh stinks of desperation/

‘I am selling my..’ Hmm, too personal.. does the person buying my used shorts want to imagine I’ve been wearing them.. especially when this is my eBay profile picture..

Calm down it's just spray cream.

Calm down it’s just spray cream.

I finally settled with just re-introducing the item and giving the buyer some fashion tips.. Probably a bad move.

The next step was to choose the starting price – I’m easy, 0.99p. As long as I get SOMETHING for my stuff I’ll be happy.

And then, the worst part ‘Delivery charges’.
I have no idea how much delivery costs these days, I don’t know how much delivery has ever cost. But I thought £5.65 for a t shirt dress was far too high.. So I changed most stuff to like.. £3.20.. I have no idea what I’m doing


That is definitely me.

So I guess now I just sit back  and wait for the money to start rolling in. I have 14 items up (so far..) and I have a massive amount of watchers.. three watchers over two items.. Woo.

I’m off to photograph more clothes and religiously refresh my selling page every 5 minutes!


Tell me what you think..

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