Why did nobody tell me that eBay was as addictive as a class A drug?! Seriously.
Since I last posted, I have listed 33 35 things in total and checked for views/watchers/bids 33trillion times.
33 35 things doesn’t sound like that many, but you have to think about the time it takes to take photographs, write a little emotional story about the item and then actually argue with myself about whether I want to sell it or not before I inevitably click ‘List Item’. Add the sweltering heat of my bedroom and the fact my little desk stool has no back and we’re talking a good 20 minutes per item!

Earlier today I summoned up the courage to go into the loft to get my suitcase down. It took a while, I usually don’t mind going up there but there was a spider on the ladder when I pulled it down. And it wasn’t a normal looking spider. It was a skinny white one, almost translucent. Which makes sense as it would have been living in pitch black for the last 7 months. Vin Diesel spider.
I eventually got my suitcase down with the help of my Granddads helping hand claw picker upper thing and decided to deposit the entire pile of ‘Things I want to keep’ into it.
The results were ridiculous, but it spurred me along to further cull my clothes.


Quite a transformation.

As of yet, none of my items on eBay have any bids. I have plenty of watchers, most of the watchers are on clothes that I labelled as ‘grunge’ ’90’s’ or ‘goth’. I’m going to start listing Summer dresses and socks with those words, maybe I’ll get more interest.
I really think I’d enjoy working from home, or for myself. This past week I’ve had a lot more enthusiasm for being productive than I have in a long time.. That’s probably because it’s working towards a big amazing goal, but it’s been good all the same. It’s certainly brought my stress levels down, but then again maybe it’s just the lovely Sunny weather.

After all my hard work I decided to treat myself, and I have regretted it ever since..


Cheesy chips and spaghetti bolognese! Mmmm!

Time for me to lie in bed wide awake not being able to sleep due to the crippling heat of my South facing bedroom D:


Tell me what you think..

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