And a picture of the setting sun for dramatic effect.

I’m not sure if my interest in doing things that need doing is waning because I lack energy or whether it’s because I’ve tackled most of the big problems and I’m left with odds and ends. For instance:
I completed the mammoth task of reducing my clothes I want to keep.
I dealt with the tedium of photographing my old trash and painstakingly listed them on eBay.
And finally, today I made my first trip to the post office with 11 parcels and paid a good portion of my profits to send them to their new owners.

Now, out of that trio of ticked of to-do’s I’m left with a pile of clothes that I don’t want to take with me, nor do I want to sell them so I now have the task of folding these away, finding a container and hoisting them up in to the spider infested loft. There’s a handful of items I think I could still sell on eBay, but I’m so over eBay now.. alas, the extra cash calls me. And the worst, getting to the post office with a bag of parcels and no car was a pain, especially when I found that the two post offices nearest to me no longer exist! I ended up getting a taxi to the third nearest.. and a taxi back because I was too hot and bothered to walk (a choice I now regret).

I’m sure my productivity switch will flick on again soon, it needs to because I do not want to be running around like a headless fried chicken in the last couple of days with Paul giggling at me because I always complain that he leaves things to the last minute.
I want to get on with the fun stuff, like actually properly packing my suitcase (fun until you realise you’re 7kgs over!) but it’s too early for that yet. I don’t think I could cope with wearing the clothes I’m leaving behind for the next 16 days (fur coat, parka, wooly jumpers etc.).

Tomorrow, I promise to reignite my productivity passion and get some stuff done!!!!


Enjoy this picture I took of a spider that is currently living in my house 🙂



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