Today was a good day, full of professional lazing, marathon Skype sessions and classic film watching.

I mean, the only reason I got out of bed was to get on the couch. All day it was raining, and I had the house to myself. So  I got all cuddled up on the couch and perused Netflix. Anybody in the world who has Netflix, or has witnessed somebody use it, will know that this movie convenience service is the most time consuming piece of technology or whatever you’d class it as, ever. I was busy wanting to laze, using my thumb to flick through a huge amount of movies was tiring me out. I settled on a 1957 film that I’ve often looked at but never chosen.

A great film, 12 men on a jury (on the hottest day of the year no less) trying to decide if an 18 year old boy is guilty of murdering his father. It’s definitely worth a watch, and really makes you think.. WATCH IT!!! 5 Stars! *****

Afterwards, Paul and I skyped for a record amount of time. It feels good talking to him now that I’m not being crazy and jealous and finally being happy and excited about coming over. Still nowhere to live, we’re getting closer though. To the point of making offers on rent. As a person who is often suspicious of other people, I’m suspicious of the letting agents. I feel like they’re in cahoots with the land lords, and that nobody is your friend, nobody has your best interests at heart. But I’m probably just being really paranoid haha.. I might start wearing a tin foil hat soon, so that the letting agents can’t control my thoughts.

I wonder if anybody knows what my post title refers to?
I finally watched Annie Hall! I’ve always wanted to watch it, as I’ve heard it referenced in a few other films. I absolutely loved Woody Allen as an actor, I could talk about the controversy surrounding him.. and how I felt a bit uncomfortable when there was a reference to child molesting, and sleeping with 16 year old twins.. But, it’s a movie, an excellent movie. And I’m looking forward to watching more of his work. Another 5 stars!! I’m giving them away for free! *****

I spent the rest of the night setting up my mums new laptop so she can learn how to Skype me before I leave.

And now I’m peering around the side of my laptop looking at my suitcase piled with clothes and frowning that it seems to have doubled in size yet again.

I still have a lot of work ahead of me.



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