With 10 days before I leave it was obvious the ‘goodbyes’ would start soon and tonight I had my first one!

I didn’t even think of it as a goodbye until my auntie and cousin were about to leave. I was hugging my little cousin and said ‘I guess I’ll see you at Christmas!’.
My auntie had a look of realisation, and then a look of shock at the fact we’d only just realised it would be the last time we’d see each other for a while. Well, I’ll hopefully see my auntie again before I go, but my uncle and little cousin are going away tomorrow so, for them, tonight was actually goodbye.

I guess I have a few more of these ahead of me!

The good news is we have a lot of people who want to come and visit us! I’m really that people do make the trip out, I’ve not even been there yet and I’m excited to have the chance to show people around.

Today was another lazy day for me, another Woody Allen movie and a takeout – I’m feeling really drained and if I’m not nauseous I have a headache thanks to my antibiotics. Which I just remembered I need to take before I go to bed.

I’m going to make an effort to make this week highly productive and to tidy and sort and blah blah blah so that I can enjoy next weekend. My mum has announced at the last minute that she wants to do something with me, or go somewhere. Either a day out or possibly a night away and I think it could be just what I need, I’m researching what we could do – she initially said to go down to London for the day which I would have loved! However British public transport ruined that idea by having work done on the train lines which mean it would take 4hrs and multiple connections to get there and back which would be a major bum pain :(. So research is needed for that. Even just a day out with some lunch would be nice, just to spend some time with her.

I’m seriously lacking in creative juices at the moment, I feel pretty uninspired so my posts are a bit dull. But I’m continuing to post because it gives me something to do and I don’t want to break the habit.

I should throw in a photo to jazz it up a bit..


I suppose I should follow suit.. good night!


Tell me what you think..

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