An incline is the opposite to a decline right?

I’ve found that even when you’re unemployed, Mondays can still suck.
My day got off to an especially sucky start. Up bright and early, at 8! (Remember, I’m unemployed).
I lazed in bed speaking to Paul about apartments (I’ll post about that when we’re happily settled somewhere!) and tried to mentally prepare myself for my doctors appointment, Doctors appointments aren’t so bad usually – I don’t get shy with telling them why I’m there – but I was nervous about this one, when you’re about to leave the country you would like to be in peak physical condition so visiting the doc this close to fly time wasn’t pleasant.

I went to see him on Monday and he gave me some antibiotics as I’ve mentioned previously. These particular pills have made me feel a little bit queasy after taking them but I’ve generally been able to deal with it by doing nothing. Today, I had to walk to the doctors in the hot hot heat whilst feeling queasy. I live near a canal and I started feeling more sick after seeing a dead, floating fish. I then entered our town centre – the Old Town as it’s affectionately known – the Old Town should probably hold a record for the amount of takeaways and shitty pubs per square metre or something as equally stupid. So yeah, I got hit with the scent of bad fast food and stale beer. My stomach was flipping by now.
I’d arrived in town pretty early so I thought I’d go into the supermarket for a bottle of water. By the time I got to the fridges my mouth was watering and my stomach felt like it was sliding up my throat so I had to do an about face and get myself the hell out of there. I started dry heaving as I got to the bus station and before I knew it both my hand and my mouth had equal measures of sick in them. I did what any self respecting person would do in that situation and I swallowed that sick back down to whence it had came, went in to the Doctors, checked in on the touch screen system and THEN I went to the bathroom to wash my hands.

I felt ok after that, my doctor confirmed that it was just the antibiotics and there’s nothing to worry about and I went home and ate this.
A bacon lattice sandwich.
I took delivery of my new backpack/hand luggage for my flight.
I showered my dog and got to watch her transform from drowned rat to very fluffy bummed dog
C360_2014-08-04-18-26-07-870 C360_2014-08-04-18-32-25-113

And then I watched an out of date but still representative of what happened at the time documentary about Guantanamo Bay and it brought my mood down a little bit again.. But it was soon lifted seeing my Pikachu pomeranian smiling and jumping around in circles because he knew he was getting a treat <3.

This morning I felt so grim with being sick and being at the doctors, but after everything else I’ve done today it just seems funny now. It was pretty funny, I probably looked like a character out of a horror movie where someone starts coughing up and all of a sudden weird green acidic froth starts spouting from her mouth and her skin starts changing colour and developing crazy veins her eyes roll back in her head and then she’s a zombie..
I would have fitted in to the Old Town better if that would have happened.

Stay positive!


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