Organisational skills, packing skills, time-management skills.

I’m pretty sure that those three things are not high up on the list of ‘Things guys want in girlfriends’ but when I was thinking of a post title relating to ‘Organisational skills’ I could only think of Napoleon Dynamite.


This time next week I’ll be.. I think I’ll be in Dubai by now. WHAT! THE! WHAT!? How has it come around that quickly.

Trying to force myself to get organised, prepared, packed, ready, is getting harder each day. I need panic mode to engage. Last night I sat on my bed listening to John Mayer for about 5 hours. I remember listening to the song ‘I Will Be Found’ at least 4 times in a row at one stage. I’m surprised I didn’t drown in my own tears.

Today was a bit better, I received my little plastic box that I bought for my jewellery. It turned out much littler than I expected.. see Instagram feed for reference. I managed to get a lot into it though, just need to figure out the best way to pack statement necklaces and chunky yet delicate bangles. I have too many beautiful things that I don’t want to leave behind!
I also received my see-through hand luggage toiletry baggies! They’re so cute and were so cheap. I have one for my mini make-up kit and one for my mini ‘wash bag’ with things like face wipes, deodorant and tooth paste so that I can make myself human again after a day of air travel.

I decided to also test out the ‘rolling versus folding’ theory of packing and I think it works! Everything is in it’s own place and there is little gaps where I can shove things like bikinis and shoes and whatever else takes my fancy.

Typing it all out, I do seem pretty organised – I have my flying outfit ready, my hand luggage bag is prepped and ready to be filled. All I really need to do is make sure EVERYTHING fits in to my main luggage bag, I fear I’ll need another suitcase though because I’m no where near the 30kg limit and I’m running out of space.. But don’t tell Paul that because I won’t be able to fit everything into the apartment that we don’t have yet.

Hopefully I don’t have another stress nightmare of trying to force everything I own in to my suitcase 40 minutes before my plane is due to fly. Falling asleep worrying, worry-filled dreams and waking up and worrying isn’t good for your hair or skin! I should be more pro-active.


Tell me what you think..

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