I’ve been constantly playing that game with myself this week.

This time next week I’ll be getting ready to go to the airport, this time next week I’ll have taken off etc.

This time next week I’ll hopefully be fast asleep in bed, almost over my jet lag and soon to be exploring my new city (on my own as Paul will be in work.. on a Saturday D:)

I hope next Friday night is more eventful than this Friday night was, I decided to charge my 3DS for use on the plane (as well as all the other media I will have to keep me busy). I brought myself a little picnic upstairs, consisting of coconut macaroons and ready salted crisps and sat down to update my DS and make sure I had all my games. Within 5 minutes I was actually in bed, headphones on and playing Professor Layton. Within an hour I’d fallen asleep, and asleep in bed at 7/8pm on a Friday night I stayed. Until I woke up, feeling like utter poop at 10.
The post nap feeling..



My final week isn’t going as I expected. Ignore that. I didn’t know what to expect for my final week. I hope it would entail me lying on a chaise lounge, with a peasant feeding my grapes whilst I watched a skilled luggageist pack my luggage.
What has happened is I’ve been cooking tea for my and my mum! I’m enjoying cooking proper food though because I realise this may be the last few days that I have direct access to an oven that doesn’t double as a microwave.

Yes, that lasagne looks dry because it is, because I like it crispy. That is what I have lovingly called ‘half and half lasagne’ only because my lack of common sense in weights and measures left me with only 250g of minced beef. So I made up the rest of the meat quota with 250g of streaky bacon. All lasagne should include bacon. Everything should include bacon.

This time next week it’ll be a completely different time for me, strange!

Tell me what you think..

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