With only three full days left before I fly I felt a bit guilty about the minimal (non-existent) amount of packing and preparation I have done today – thus, leaving me with two full days.
I felt guilty because I genuinely had no excuse,  there was nothing else I could have done. I’ve been mere inches away from my pile of chaotic, disorganisement (not a real word). The weather has been blergh, rain blasting against the window all day NICE WEATHER FOR DUCKS, as they say. I haven’t even got a good series to catch up on, although I did force myself to laugh through a few episodes of ‘Better off Ted’.
I did, however, get a lot of gardening done. I excavated some fossils and caught a wide array of bugs and fish – and got my hair done. I was far more productive in the virtual life of Sarah in Allentown than in my real life. I’m talking about Animal Crossing of course. What an amazing time to fall back in love with my 3DS  – a time when participating in real life would be useful.
I did manage to muster up a little cheer, when I realised that today is the last day of my antibiotics and tomorrow I am allowing myself a very overdue drinky of the cocktail variety!

But still, after a day of blissful nothingness I felt really guilty and bad and undeserving of the cakes my mum picked up from the shop for me.

Until I found out today is National Lazy Day – and now I don’t care any more.

Continuing the trend of lazy day, I’m about to text my mum to tell her that tomorrow is National Sons & Daughters Day – She kept that one bloody quiet!!!

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