I’m sure jet-lag, lack of sleep and the effects of long-haul travel will hit me when I’m least expecting it, but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good.

I’ve arrived! After two long, restless flights with numerous crying babies and surprisingly good air plane food, I made it to Hong Kong. I have to say that Emirates is a lovely airline to travel with, spacious seats, huge selection of entertainment and free alcohol chin chin!

My first flight, Manchester to Dubai, I was sat next to a father and daughter duo on their way to Pakistan with their family. I, was kind of dreading travelling on my own for fear of annoying neighbours but they were amazing. We helped each other out lots, in the way of me providing sleeping pills and passing things to other members of their family and them providing me with sweets and visiting the bar area for me! The daughter and I had a laugh together being nosy gossipers when another passenger was being rude to staff, he got a bit aggressive and rude!
My second flight, I was sat next to a young couple, I was in the window seat this time. Sitting in the window seat when travelling alone isn’t the best idea – especially when your two neighbours decided to build a human barrier and fall into a deep sleep so you can’t get out to go the toilet/have a walk/get free alcohol..
Both flights were very turbulent, the second one felt like it was bobbing on water like a boat at one stage, riding the wind waves! PhotoGrid_1408062270249

Enjoy some travel pictures – ignore the top left selfie – face was feeling the effects of gravity :(.

I really couldn’t have cared less that I was in Dubai for my connection – for all I knew it was any airport in any country. I did enjoy a falafel wrap, melon milk and coconut water! But I was glad to get back on a plane and get moving again.

Getting in to Hong Kong airport was easy, fast, quick, efficient, swift. The baggage claim was not as speedy, however. There was a bit of a delay and I was stood for what felt like years waiting for my massive leopard print monstrosity to make an appearance, all the while knowing Paul was just through some doors really close by. Eventually I got out, and couldn’t see Paul ANYWHERE! This is when Whatsapp decided to do what technology does best and fail, so we seemed to be pointlessly messaging each other and not getting each others texts. With all the exhaustion and emotions I was feeling I got a bit annoyed with it all till I spotted him and quickly forgot everything I was mad about. It was amazing seeing him again, it didn’t feel quite real, being in Hong Kong with him. I still don’t think it’s sunk in yet.

Paul picked a great opportunity to not know where the hell he was going so we ended up wandering around Hong Kong a little bit lost, him dragging my 30kgs of luggage, me with an over packed back back on my unrested back. Getting to the apartment was probably a lot quicker than it felt, I didn’t really get chance to take much in because all I could think of was getting my backpack off, lying down and then getting a shower. When we got to the building I immediately felt massively guilty for my luggage being so heavy. 5 floors up, no lift and a boyfriend with failing joints (OLD MAN). He managed to haul it up though and the relief I felt getting in to the room was immense.

It was exactly how I expected it.


In fact, that picture makes it look smaller haha.

Well, after getting in and relaxing for a little while, I felt pretty energetic. I got a shower and we decided to venture out for some food – my first Hong Kong meal. I wasn’t feeling THAT fresh that I could go mega far, so we went up the escalators to a street Paul knew had lots of nice restaurants on, and for some reason chose a French restaurant where I encountered my very first language barrier. I had to choose my drink by pointing to ‘Sprite’ and ‘Absolut’ on the menu, Paul had to do the same with his Amaretto and coke!

I had duck breast with potato and Paul had rack of lamb and they were both seriously delicious. Like, they were presented beautifully and it was all very modern with portions that looked tiny but were actually more than you needed.
Before food was even served my eyes were getting pretty heavy. I guess that burst of energy I had was just a bit of adrenaline and excitement which wore off quite quick. We still had time to go to a few shops though – picked up some sugar and a sugar dish, a new pillow for me and some ice creams and snacks. Oh, and a new toothbrush too.
By 9pm I was shattered and we headed back. Pauls mum skyped us shortly after we got in and I pleasantly surprised her with my presence :).
And then I lay down and started drifting off immediately, I slept amazingly well. The air con in here is like having bus parked outside the apartment, and the mattress is rock solid – sleeping on my front was quite painful. But I slept, and woke up really early feeling wide awake.
Paul has left for work so I’m on my own with the apartment keys trying to pluck up the courage to explore on my own.

We’re going for cocktails tonight for my first Friday night drinks (and I already want to go out and buy something new to wear oops).

Well, I guess that’s all my material for now. I’m going to relax with another cup of tea and start thinking about leaving my tower.

Together againnnn! ❤

2 thoughts on “I’M IN HONG KONG!!!

    • Wow, an old Colonial house sounds amazing! I think, even though the flat is small, you cherish the space because when I’ve been out and about there’s so many people around you, you have no personal space.


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