‘You could take the escalators, right to the top.’ said Paul as Sarah toyed with the idea of venturing out in to Hong Kong on her own.

I did take the escalators right to the top, unfortunately I had actually misunderstood what Paul was saying and literally just took every escalator to the top without deviating from the route and exploring the surrounding areas!

In case you’re wondering, the escalator is..

The Central – Mid-Levels Escalator system, is the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system, stretching for over 800-metres and rising 135-metres through the streets of a steep hillside linking these districts of Hong Kong Island. It was opened in October 1993, having cost HK$245 million to build, six times the original estimate. The system is not a single continuous escalator, it is a series of 20 escalators and 3 inclined moving walkways, connected in places by footbridges, and with 14 entrances and exits. To ride the complete length of the escalator system one-way takes about 20 minutes.

Basically, there’s a lot of really steep hills – really steep, as in it’s pretty hard to walk down – never mind up! Last night I saw some girl fall flat on her ass and she was wearing shoes as flat as her ass!


So, after I got myself ready and plucked up the courage to leave my little safe haven I ventured out onto Wellington Road, it was hot and busy and the air was full of many different smells already.. some good, some bad. I immediately made my first mistake of turning the wrong way out of our building, not wanting to look a fool and do a full on 180 after 5 steps I decided to just go with it, I just walked into the complete unknown. The unknown didn’t last so long as after another random turn  I found myself on a main road – even more people here. I quickly managed to find my way back to Wellington Road and safely located where I wanted to be – the escalator entrance!

I didn’t take this picture but I think this is actually the entrance that we use!

So I got on, and made my way all the way to the top – I passed lots of busy streets full of shops and restaurants and people everywhere, and when I finally reached the top there was.. nothing there, and nobody there either. It was a long street full of hotels and apartment buildings. I literally did not see one place of interest, except for my bug. I found a shaded spot and latched on to somebodies Wi-Fi to tell Paul where I was and why was I told to come here and he explained what he initially meant. By this time though, I’d walked about half an hour away from the escalators because I again didn’t want to look a foolish tourist. However, I probably did anyway as I plodded back all sweaty and red faced past all the apartments doormen.

I got a bit more adventurous and decided to find somewhere to have brunch! I found a lovely, cool, cafe/restaurant called Jaspas that was still serving breakfast and I stood lurking in the doorway like a freak for 10 minutes before somebody noticed me and seated me with a menu.

My healthy choice – called the Slim and Trim or something like that – avocado on turkish bread with poached eggs and asparagus! Absolutely delicious washed down with a strawberry smoothie.
After my brunch my morning/early afternoon was pretty uneventful – I looked in a few shops for a few things I wanted like moisturiser and had zero luck because they were all in Cantonese or Mandarin symbols or they said ‘Whitening’ on them – and if there’s one thing I do not need it is whiter skin.
I got back to the apartment safe and sound and napped for a few hours before my Pauly got home to whisk me out for drinks and dinner!

We went to a tiki bar called Honi Honi and had a table booked outside on the terrace! It was beautiful in there, nice and cool and all atmospheric with pretty lights and lots of greenery. The cocktails were amazing – have you ever been to a cocktail bar where the picture of the drink shows that it’s served in a porcelain monkey, only to receive it in a bog standard tumbler? Well this place would not do that! All drinks came in different types of glasses, cans, tumblers, porcelain monkeys.. Paul made a terrible drink choice and I made an amazing one. Unfortunately Paul holds the key to pictures from last night so this part ain’t fancy.
It was lovely being out and about in Hong Kong with the boyfriend – finally starting the life we’ve been talking about for months and months.
On to tea, we had Argentinian beef in a steakhouse – ommmm – Pauls steak was about 5inches thick, mine was about 5 feet wide as I had flattened deep fried steak! It was delicious and massive and the meat was amazing.

My first full day in Hong Kong was awesome, I’m hoping to venture further out today by myself – maybe get on a train with my Octopus card.. If I feel brave.
I’m so excited for Paul to be off work tomorrow though! Will have much more fun exploring with him 🙂


Tell me what you think..

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