My weekend started off lonely *audience goes awwwww*.
Look at me eating a single lonely HALF sandwich from Pret A Manger (of all the places I could have gone, seriously)
Paul works every other Saturday and it just happened that my first Saturday was THAT Saturday. I was feeling pretty bold and confident after exploring on Friday by myself so I decided to take the plunge and go on the MTR by myself for the first time.
Hong Kong looks like a mega maze and for me it was pretty daunting stepping out into the sea of people who all seem to know where they’re going without actually looking.
Paul gave me the advice of if I get lost, or need the MTR station, just walk downhill and I’ll eventually see signs for it, I did and I did.
The MTR is the ‘Mass Transit Railway’ which is high speed and super efficient. It’s a better, cooler version of the London Underground. The trains have maps with lights on that show you where your next stop is, which direction the train is going and which side of the train you’ll get off on. It’s really, really easy. The hardest part is being crammed in with lots of people, and those people often being rude or unaware of their surroundings and other peoples personal space. So yeah, it’s pretty much the London Underground.
My first journey was to Causeway Bay, the original area that Paul wanted to live in. There is shops everywhere.

I’ve felt too geeky when taking photos so this is the only one I took of the shops… Topshop -_- .
I went into a shopping centre where there some event going on for an Asian cartoon character which I can’t. Don’t. Won’t. No. I don’t want to describe it.

1396576204-3738264755 8753840118_0cec88ff35_z

It’s called Kobitos or something.. I didn’t get to see the event as even though I was in the mall for a good half an hour, nothing happened. There was fans (old and young) sat on the floor on all different levels waiting for this monster to enter, but it didn’t happen :(.

I actually spent a lot of money on Saturday, on beauty products. I found the staff at the beauty shops VERY helpful. Offering baskets and advice on products because I.. just did not understand, and I was worried I’d end up with some whitening cream – which is EVERYWHERE here. I don’t need to be any more white.

There is English brands here, but the pretty expensive ones like Lancome.. and other expensive brands I can’t think of. But I wanted to try out some of the Asian stuff, stuff so an assistant in Boots picked out a face moisturiser for me that has zero English on it. It seems to be making my face REALLY nice and soft, but that could also be the large increase in water I’m drinking, or the amount my face sweats throughout the day (though that would probably just mean I have a really soft upper lip). I found Mane ‘n’ Tail shampoo and conditioner that I wanted to try over in England but never wanted to pay for P&P and the high costs of the product itself, I also bought a brand of nail varnish which is amazing! It goes on so thin and dries REALLY quick, it’s called Cyber Colours Eco nail varnish – it is amazing, and cheap compared to the only other choice.. OPI.


After a trip to HMV to make Paul jealous that he’s not been to HMV yet, and a very quick walk around Ikea to buy pillow and light blanket (It’s EXACTLY the same as the UK one) I decided to go home, far too hot and sweaty to be carrying lots of plastic bags.

Later on, we went out for a leaving meal for somebody that Paul met before I was here – to the Greyhound cafe, the food was ok.. it was nice to meet a couple of other people. And I finally got a decent view of a pretty skyline.

C360_2014-08-16-22-22-44-311 C360_2014-08-16-22-36-18-376(1)

This place is unreal.

So, home we went, a long way as I decided I knew better and took us out of the way to walk along the walkway shown on the last picture. We got ice creams from the 7-11 and then went to bed.. all ready for out trip to the Seaside yayyyy!!!

Sunday arrived and I was extremely happy and excited for a full day with PJ! We had a lie in because it’s a Sunday and he’d been hard at work all week and eventually got up, got ready and headed to the bus station. When we arrived there was another couple in front of us at the queue and within 5 minutes the queue ended up being about 60 people long – we were lucky to be right near the front. Because people are assholes they stood at the front of the queue trying to bully their way in front of you but that does not work on Paul and I, old woman and man with young child.. you need to get up earlier to get one over on PJ and Sarr! Being right at the front meant we got to the top deck of the double decker right at the front. Unfortunately I am a moron and left my memory card in my laptop so only had my phone for photographs. This is one of the beaches we passed.
That was probably 20 minutes, we went to Stanley Bay which took an extra five minutes. It’s hard to believe that this is so so close to the hustle and bustle of the high rise city, it’s like travelling to a different country. I felt like I was on holiday walking around Stanley, there was crappy market stalls, sea side restaurants with names like ‘The Smugglers Inn’ and men fishing on the pier.

C360_2014-08-17-14-32-39-340 C360_2014-08-17-15-18-58-915(1)
Paul with his ice cream float and being a daredevil on slippery rocks! I really need to get him to take more pictures of me.. I wonder why I didn’t..
Oh yeah, because I become a sweaty mess in any type of heat.

We didn’t actually go on to a beach today – It was just an explore kind of day which was nice. It was lovely to sit and watch people walking past with their little doggies.
We eventually left and got back on the bus (again, top deck, front window) and made the quick journey back to the city passing by all of the amazing hotel/apartment buildings and ridiculously expensive cars. The only people who have shitty cars are the taxi drivers – seriously. I haven’t seen anything that resembles a Nissan Micra or Fiat Cinquecento since I got here. I’ve seen some ugly looking Ferraris and Porches, but that’s just me saying a brand new shiny sports car is ugly because I simply don’t like it.

Paul decided we’d go to…

Tsim Sha Tsui! What an ordeal Tsim Sha Tsui – or TST as I have to call it – turned out to be!

We went to Harbour City – saw the harbour

I need to learn how to take better night photographs because blur.
We then walked around the shopping mall and looked at some ludicrously expensive 4K tvs.. and also some ludicrously unexpenisve 4k tvs… well under a grand in GBP! Paul was foaming at the mouth and wishing he had a real flat to put one in – soon baby, soon!

By this time I had been walking around a lot, in the heat and my ankles and feet were burning up in pain. So we decided to get some food, most of the food was located on the ground floor which we could NOT locate, we walked around for half an hour and could not find stairs or escalators anywhere. We found some escalators that took you up to a dead end, it was literally escalators to a white wall.  We found a restaurant, but really did not fancy eating ‘Sea Blubber’, ‘Shark Fin’, ‘Birds Nest’ or ‘Sea Cucumber’ we are far too white, and far too English for that.

I had turned into a 5 year old girl at the point and was whining ‘My feeeeet huuuurt, I’m too hottttt, you’re annoying meeee’ and I think the level of annoyingness in my voice caused every restaurant in TST to shrivel up and die because we just could not find a single place. EVENTUALLY, by chance we spotted (inside a doorway) a list of restaurants inside a high rise building, like a restaurant on each floor, so Paul decided on the Japanese BBQ. It was crazy, coming off a pretty unbusy street, getting into a lift and coming out into a buzzing restaurant. If my eyes didn’t have an inbuilt restaurant radar we never would have found it.

So a Japanese BBQ is where you have a BBQ in your table, you order raw meat, seafood and veg and you cook it yourself to your own liking.



The restaurant didn’t give you the option to order plain rice of noodles so Paul asked for a bowl of plain udon, which was basically udon soup with no flavour. Which I absolutely loved, lettuce, udon and water – who would have thought I’d enjoy it so much!
The meat we had was a mix of chicken, pork, bacony type deliciousness, beef short rib (mmm) and a single lamb chop (which I gifted to Paul). We ate with chopsticks which was super hard for me for some reason – I’m usually pretty pro at it. It was fabulous, the BBQ occasionally flamed at us, especially when we gave it a realllly fatty piece of meat.
For afters I had Peach sherbert which was actually peach sorbet, served in half a peach. Which was also very delicious! And then we made our way home, full, tired and aching (well at least I was).

What an amazing first weekend I’ve had in Hong Kong. I’ve barely even seen 1% of it yet, can’t wait for next weekend having two full days of Paul.

Well, this has been a long, image rich post.

Hope you enjoyed it… Please pretend that this says ‘Sarah’ and that it was a cool way to end this blog post :).






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