Last night I put my culinary skills to the test to see if I could make a cheap, tasty meal in a kitchen that has very limited apparatus – a portable electric hob, very small worktop, a saucepan/wok and a microwave.

I headed to M&S first to see if they had anything to make a quick stir-fry, but it was more just pasta and lots of prawns.. no chopped chicken or beef. So I then decided to brave Wellcome, the nearest supermarket that I knew existed. Most of the customers were local and there was a lot of products that I didn’t know how the hell to cook. I’m sure there was chicken feet, I saw a black skinned chicken and various vegetables (but vegetables can’t be toooo hard).

I picked up 4 black pepper chicken steaks (it cost about 80p for two, I was slightly worried about the quality), a bag of baby bok choy, baby corn, mushrooms and peppers. I stared at the shelves of noodles for a while because there was just so many! I settled on some which I thought would blow up twice their size like spaghetti.. unfortunately it looked like hair when cooked. Finally, I got some black pepper and garlic sauce – ready made because I wasn’t quite ready to make my own sauce. I picked up a few snacks and off I went with my new giant canvas forever shopper bag that was expertly packed by my cashier!


Check out my kitchen/bathroom sink area! The chicken was not the best quality meat, I think it was brown meat which I usually love, but it must have come off a skinny chicken. There was a lot of thick skin and fatty gristly bits in it. As far as stir-fries look it looked delicious to me, reminds me of my favourite thai takeaway in Runcorn!

We made the study/junk table into a dining table and I dished out the food – I even made some toilet paper and pasta flowers to make it romantic hahaha!


And then we started eating…
SALT!!! Ergh! So much salt in.. I don’t know.. the sauce, meat or veg! Or even the noodles! It completely ruined the food! I told Paul not to force it down if he didn’t like it, but we both ate enough to look polite to the chef.. me. Haha, but seriously Asia, stop putting so much salt in your food. I was pretty proud of my cooking attempt but it got let down by the most important part.. the taste (and the presentation)

Not to worry, I bought dragon beard candy which was actually pretty nice.


They were kind of a thready coconutty, almondy, peanutty dry candy that wasn’t really candy at all. But they were nice 🙂

So, the long lasting effects, this does not mean we were both on the toilet for the rest of the night and following day. It basically means that there’s a pile of dishes, cutlery and a noodle stained pan still sat next to the kitchen/bathroom sink. The sink doesn’t get very hot water, and I’m pretty sure the pan doesn’t fit in the sink. So we’re leaving it for the cleaner.. oops :).. Perks of a serviced apartment I guess!

Until we get an apartment with a better equipped kitchen or find a higher quality food store, the only thing I will be cooking are these..



Tell me what you think..

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