Yesterday I was the lonely tourist 😦 I expected to see more of my kind but it was just me, the lonely, lonely tourist.

After spending practically all of Monday in the flat exhausted from the weekend – leaving only to buy supplies for dinner and some lunch which consisted of..


Oh. My. Word. I have not stopped telling Paul about these buns. I got them from the Circle-K which is essentially the local Co-Op – just a convenience shop with drinks, snacks.. and pork buns. They are so soft and fluffy, the bun part is the softest, sweetest bread – and the pork inside is basically bbq pulled pork mmm. I keep making typos and putting ‘porn’ instead of ‘pork’. BBQ porn buns. It still works.

I also tried…


Dark chocolate Maltesers..mmmm mmm mmm, bitter and sweet. Like a symphony. These were also delicious but not quite porn bun level.

Wow – I’ve kind of gone off subject – Lonely Tourist. There we go,  back to the point.

So, I got a list of 45 things to do in Hong Kong up on my laptop and picked one which didn’t sound too daunting to do on my own.

Number 1 was take a trip on the Star Ferry – I really want to do this but decided to leave a ferry trip for now. I wanted something that took a bit more than seven minutes!

Skip to number 2 – Take the tram to the peak.

YES – this sounds easy enough I will do this one. I’ve seen so many amazing pictures from the peak, some of which I have used for the image header of this blog probably illegally as I’ve just saved them from Google – sorry photographers.
I had a quick look at the map of how to get to the tram terminus from the flat and found it to be a pretty straightforward walk. Hong Kong appears to just be a grid – hard to get lost really (even though I did). So I packed my little satchel, stopped at the shop for a bottle of water and off I went.
All the way along Wellington Road, watching the shops and restaurants getting stocked up with bottles of water.
Along a leafy path called Battery Path that then took me to St. Johns Cathedral
A quick Wiki search tells me that Battery Path is named after a, now demolished, artillery battery which has now been replaced by Government Buildings such as the Court of Final Appeal – sounds ominous.

Eventually I came to the end of Battery Path and across the road I saw the Peak Tram Terminus woohoo!!!!
I, wrongly, assumed that being a Tuesday morning it wouldn’t be too busy. I was very wrong. I was squished into a queue with a million Asian families and one older British couple. Lonely Tourist was feeling pretty Lonely at this point.
I shook off the feeling of loneliness and tried to look on the bright side of sight-seeing on my own. I can go at my own (fast) pace, I can choose where I want to eat.. yeah that was about it.
I was in my own little world as usual, and a guy in a tram uniform holding a pro camera appeared in my eye line waving two fingers at me..
‘Is it just two of you?!’
‘Uhm.. no just one..’
‘Ok we take picture now!’
*Shaking head* ‘Noo it’s fiiine..’
‘No! Everyone must have picture taken!’

So I had to pose, on my own, in front of a picture of the tram :(. Lonely traveller was lonely again.

When the guy came round to try to flog the photos I was pretty impressed – he caught my good side! But I wasn’t about to pay $100 for proof that I went sight-seeing alone. Nope, I can take my own photos and blog about it for free.

So, there I stood waiting for the tram to arrive – Getting jabbed in the back by massive Nikon camera lenses (I hope) and getting my feet trod on my adorable (yet annoying) little children. I was pretty much at the front of the queue – so I will never understand how 3 Asian families managed to get on the tram before me – it’s a national talent!

I thought I was damn awesome for getting a window seat on the way up – whipped out my camera for some awesome views.


I picked the wrong window seat :'(.

I think this shows what kind of angle the tram gets.


It got even steeper at some points.
Well eventually it hauled us all to the top of the peak but unfortunately the transportation didn’t end there – We still had to make our way to the viewing deck to get the best views – but it was definitely worth it..

After viewing Hong Kong from up in the Heavens I decided to treat my self to dinner in Bubba Gump Shrimp – a Forrest Gump themed restaurant with another amazing view of the city. I had burger and fries and a strawberry lemonade which was an alcohol cocktail mmm 🙂 I sat there for like an hour because I’m too wimpy to make myself visible to the staff to ask for my bill.

I felt a headache coming on so I decided to make my way home – stopping en route to buy a lovely handbag from Zara and try on some black booties that I’m seriously considering going back to buy.

handbag booties


I got home and within 15 minutes the sky opened and I experienced my first Hong Kong rain! And then I napped -_-

Lonely tourist was finished for the afternoon.. Zzzzz.


Tell me what you think..

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