I keep thinking I’ve only been here for a week, but it’s getting closer to two weeks now.

Since my last update things haven’t gone so well for poor old me.. But lets start on a positive..

On Thursday I tried to walk to Hong Kong Park, but somehow ended up in Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens.. I was following the signposts for Hong Kong Park when all of a sudden they signalled for me to go into some building full of business men and I got scared and did a 180 and walked the opposite way. And then I saw the signs for the HKZBG. Unfortunately for my bag of bones and fat the route was painfully uphill, a mixture of steep inclines and countless stairways. When I first saw the sign pointing uphill, I stopped and weighed up my options.. It’s hot, that’s a lot of exercise for me, bed is back down this hill.. (This should have been my first sign that something was off with me) I decided to mentally slap myself in the face.

So, I got to the gardens and collapsed on a bench, seriously collapsed. Panting like a dog in a hot car. Swigged down most of my bottle of water. I feel out of breath thinking about it.
And then I looked around, I was shaded by beautiful big trees, there was huge butterflies floating around and some tropical looking birds in a tree nearby. Bearing in mind at this point I was sat on a bench facing the public toilets and it already seemed so beautiful to me. Feeling better, I got up to start exploring when a woman working in the gardens walked past, smiled at be and said ‘Beautiful!!!!’ I said ‘Uhh.. sorry?’ and again she said ‘Beautiful!!!!’. I have no idea what she was referring to, but something about me was beautiful that day so I was happy.. Like, grinning like the Cheshire cat happy.


It was so nice sitting, looking at the trees and seeing the skyscrapers in the distance.

Walking around the park I quickly came upon big enclosures full of birds, there was an elderly Asian woman sat watching them and for a while we were the only people there. I tried to take pictures but unfortunately the mesh covering the enclosures was so.. meshed.. that I couldn’t get my camera to focus on anything else.. so most pictures turned out like this.. or a lot worse.


They had beautiful habitats!

I was really happy to see a sign pointing to ‘Mammals’! I didn’t expect a free area to have such a range of animals to see.

Again, I lack photography skills so most of the pictures I took were really detailed cages with blurs of animals in the background.


They had a huge range of animals, and benches everywhere so you could just sit and watch for as long as you wanted. I was so happy that it wasn’t overcrowded with families and children. Though I imagine it would have been if I’d got there a few hours later. My favourite animals there, that I didn’t expect to see..


These two buddies being completely cliché.. check out the banana!

I was a little bit disappointed by the reptile section, I love to be both grossed out and insanely interested in reptiles.. and whilst I love this guy, I was sad there wasn’t more choice..


I started getting eaten by all sorts of flying, biting bugs so I decided to say goodbye to the animals and wandered down to the refreshment kiosk and fountain for a bottle of water and an ice cream.


And here I sat for quite a while doing a mixture of people watching, reading, drinking and burning in the hot hot Sun. I listened to all the birds making some crazy call that I initially thought was an alarm going off, but when I realised what it was it sounded amazing. I eventually moved in to the shade and sat there for a bit longer doing the same things, an elderly Asian man walked past me at one stage and told me I had a beautiful tattoo, another big grin from me.

And then I decided to go home, as I was shattered already despite it only being just after midday. The main point of me spending the day out (apart from the fact that I’m in Hong freaking Kong) was so that I would be out of the way when the cleaner came to do the apartment. I did not want to see the lady who had to clean the days old burnt on noodles and veg off of our one pan. When I got home she hadn’t even been, and within 5 minutes of me kicking my shoes off and laying down next to the fan, I heard her arrive. Mega grumbles. I decided to take myself for some lunch and stay out of her way for a bit longer.

So this is where I start to realise I’m definitely feeling off, I ordered a cobb salad – croutons, chicken, spinach, AVOCADO and lovely parmesan. So fresh, cool, delicious. Couldn’t eat it, I just stared at it, disgusted. It looked delicious, the avocado was delicious. I just couldn’t. So I paid up and went home, if she was still cleaning I’d just get under the covers and sleep – Luckily she was done, and was clearly more awake than I was because she had to tell me a couple of times that I was trying to get in to the wrong apartment.. I was on the wrong floor oops.

I spent a few hours in bed and waited for Paul to get home – by now I was feeling pretty sad. Like ‘Why am I here?’ Kind of sad. We went for food that night, I was so hungry, but when my curry arrived.. I wasn’t so hungry any more and felt sick again pretty much straight away. For some reason I was feeling really really low, and I now realise it’s because of the virus or stomach bug or whatever it was I had. So we called it a night and went to bed.

Friday was awful, I was in bed or the bathroom all day just feeling so sick and so sorry for myself. I’d eaten barely anything the past few days because my appetite was dead. Luckily, my mood was back up and despite being ill I was pretty happy, I even managed to order a McDonalds delivery (though I ate barely any of it. McDonalds, not the best idea when you’re ill).

Anyway, over the weekend I’ve gradually felt better, was still sick on Saturday – I had no appetite yet was hungry.. does that make sense? Paul looked after me and went to the pharmacy to get me some medication which helped me alot! And he treated me to the booties that I desperately wanted <3. I bought myself a complete running outfit because I’m determined to get fit! AND I got to watch Paul play football last night. We’ve been together over two years and the most I’d seen was him playing against his brother and me in the garden. I loved watching him play, even if all the other guys, young and old, were being non-team players. Shouting abuse at each other even though they were all performing equally as poor.. Get a grip men.

My bad few days ended on a high..


PJ in Happy Valley <3!


Tell me what you think..

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