I left the apartment today desperate to take pictures of some of the interesting and somewhat crazy stuff I see on a daily basis here . However a lot of it had gone. So I’m going to have to wait till Hong Kong restocks it’s shopping malls and empty street corners with more bizarreness.


I guess when you regularly escalate past an airborne pirate ship you kind of become desensitized to weird stuff.

So, whilst I get back into the swing of documenting everything I see and do I thought I would write a list of some things that have happened to me since moving to Hong Kong.

  1. I’ve quickly shed my English manners.
    In this city, if you want to get anywhere quick you need to be brutal. I’m not proud of it, but I shoulder barged past a mature Chinese lady a couple of days ago and I didn’t even turn around to see if she was OK or mouth ‘Sorry’ to her. She was moving far too slow and she deserved it, if I’m being brutally honest.
    You need to grab your chance to get onto the train, and to get through narrow spaces because if you wait, you will WAIT and wait. I’m sure this is pretty accurate for most cities, but this is my first time living in one.
  2. I’ve realised how much I LOVE cooking.
    Since we live in a studio apartment with very minimal cooking facilities, I’ve come to realise how much I really enjoy cooking meals. Going out to eat is fun (most of the time..) but nothing beats a good home cooked meal. I’ve found myself stood in the electronics store, Fortress, staring at the electric ovens and counting down the days till we move in to our apartment so we can buy one. I’m even excited about cooking a pizza. NEED TO COOK!
    PJ cooling rice in front of a fan.. on the floor. Hygiene.
  3. I’m not as food adventurous as I once thought.
    I still like to think I am, when I browse the menus I try to not immediately go for ‘Chicken with noodles in soy sauce’. But sometimes, you should just get the chicken with noodles in soy sauce – sometimes you just NEED to eat, and the fact you’re in Hong Kong and are in the middle of taking risks and chances should take a back seat and you should just eat something you’re sure to enjoy.
    I ignored that advice today, sat in a budget Asian restaurant/cafe on my own.. wandering what the warm dark liquid that the waiter had just put on my table was (tea). I had picked my meal when I was looking at the board in the window – fried chicken with soy sauce udon. It looked delicious on the picture. But then, the waiter handed me 8 menus – seriously- 8 menus all laminated and covered with bright pictures and Chinese writing. So I thought ‘Hey I’ll take (yet another) chance’ and ordered ‘Curry beef short rib with cheese and rice’ and a starter of California roll for good measure. And a coffee.
    So my sushi turned up..

    In England, I’m awesome at sushi – I can eat sushi all day and night. I enjoy the taste of seaweed against the taste of rice. I had not prepared myself for the possibility of my sushi being coated in crab roe. Now, I’m not a stranger to sea food, I’ve had caviar. Yeah, I’m posh and I’ve had caviar and I enjoyed it mostly. But I knew that for $12 HKD – roughly 94p – one does not get sushi wrapped dipped in caviar. So I just picked up one of the rolls, with my fingers because chopsticks are harder to use when you’re actually surrounded by people who are pro at them. I shoved that role in my mouth and chewed as quickly as I could, crab roe popping like gross popping candy all in my mouth. It wasn’t so bad, but it had that fake fishy taste that crab sticks have. And I was worried what 94p sushi would do to my pretty sensitive stomach.
    Whilst I was sat questioning my choices my main got brought over – and I was pretty happy with it..

    I have no idea what that yellow thing was but I pushed it to once side and proceeded to eat with the big black spoon that should have just been used to stir my food. I did actually see the chefs laughing at me. Or am I just being paranoid.
    If I made this myself, and saw the meat prior to cooking it, I would have seriously enjoyed it. But again, I failed to question how nice beef short rib can be when it costs under £4. It was chewy and fatty and.. ergh. Shudder.
    Pass me a ham sandwich!
    I’m half joking here, eating awful food is actually a pretty funny experience.  Unless you’re famished, in which case it’s just not fun.
    It’s not surprising that the very next photo that I took was of..

  4. There is still nothing better than a hot cup of tea in bed.

Well, I’m going to have  a busy afternoon looking for mattresses and packing my suitcase.. what could be happening this afternoon I wonder..





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