It’s after 11pm, Paul is in work tomorrow and I’m somehow still up tapping away on my laptop. With the light on. How is this possible I hear you shout?! Well we’ve only gone and moved in to our new fancy apartment! Finally, after something like 4 months of a mixture of looking online and in real life, we found our (mostly) perfect place, got the price down to a comfortable amount and started ordering furniture.

We’re in Happy Valley which is filled with Western people, a lot of French people. In fact, Happy Valley seems to be French themed – we live in Le Village, I had a Croque Monsieur, that’s about it. There’s a huge race course here which we can see from our apartment, in the middle of it there’s sports grounds where Paul plays football with lots of idiots and I plan to run around the jogging path sometime in the future. There’s a few really good grocery shops here which sell a lot of UK products that you can’t find anywhere else.
Most importantly, it’s quiet here.

The last flight of stairs in Central.

The last flight of stairs in Central. Ugh.

Previously we lived in Central in our squatty studio apartment, after walking down the 5 flights of stairs you’d emerge out to the street and straight into a heavy stream of people. And as you walked, the people would multiply. It’s just not like that here, it’s not painfully hard to walk down the street or cross the road, because there just isn’t as many people. You can get a 5 minute tram, or take a 20 minute walk to Causeway Bay and soon be drowning in humans again though, if you really want to. It’s great here because you get the best of both worlds, it’s great to end the day here though.

So, our apartment. It’s a high floor – we have two lifts – it has a separate kitchen, a living dining room, a bedroom and an office/spare bedroom.. and a bathroom – WITH BATH! It has 3 air conditioners, the loudest being the one in the bedroom. There’s lots of built in storage space, including some awesome hidey holes for the TV and media cables. There’s a washer-dryer, two hobs and a microwave and there will soon be an oven – with a rotisserie feature. Rotisserie Chicken In My Kitchen. The freezer has an ice tray with little dials, and when you turn the dials your ice tumbles into the ice box below and stays there till you want to cool your drink. There’s a floor to almost ceiling length window which I keep accidentally spying on the neighbours through and finally, most importantly, there’s a built in shoe cupboard by the door! Thems are basically the highlights. Other features also include our brand new 47″ 3D TV, PS4, PS3, 3D Blu Ray player (which we’ll never use) and a beautiful L-shaped Ikea couch.
Enjoy some photos of the making of our apartment.

Paul mounting the TV.

Paul mounting the TV.



Our dining room/sports field.

The couch got delivered today, I have to confess that Ikea came through for us today. They tried to turn up EARLY to deliver, unfortunately we were out. But when we did receive our delivery, the guys came in and assembled it (no idea that was going to happen) within about 15 minutes. Paul and I would have shivved each other within 15 minutes of trying.
Within 15 minutes of the Ikea guys putting their shoes back on and leaving, this happened.

Man is man.

Man is man.

It’s still a work in progress, we haven’t quite worked out where we’re placing the rug.. and all those awful wires need to be hidden.. and we need a good sound system (they are not our speakers) but it’s getting there. It’s just amazing to have separate rooms, a door on the bathroom instead of a curtain, and a proper kitchen.

So, a little bit of Hong Kong culture tonight. Paul and I were discussing going for a jog, but he spotted the word dragon and we ended up in the middle of the Tai Hang Fire Dragon dance. The information said to get there early, and when we got there it was beginning or had begun and it was packed! The streets were all barricaded off with railings and orange tape (which lots of the public blatantly ignored) so for a lot of it we were a bit too far away to actually see the action. We were about to give up and both decided to give it one last shot (as the dragon wove it’s way through all the little streets, no one knew where it was heading next) we watched Mission Impossible last night and decided to try to outsmart the Dragon and cut through a little road which had hardly any people on, when all of a sudden a small group of people started running along a crossroad in front of us (I’m finding this situation very hard to describe).

Any way, we followed this group and as we turned the corner some event staff yelled at us to get on the pavement. We had caught the dragon, we were right up in the middle of all the action. Paul has much better footage and pictures of it all because he’s always better, so it will be worth hopping over to his blog in a few days if you’re interested.
The Fire Dragon is a long long long dragon made up of lit incense sticks, it smells and looks beautiful as the sticks are glowing. Yes, they do weave a humongous burning Dragon through the streets of Hong Kong. There’s music in the form of banging drums and it was actually pretty intense, I felt a lot of pride at the fact we’d managed to catch up with it and got so close. When the Dragon got away from us again we decided to call it a night on the chase and made our way to the Mid-Autumn carnival – which was just a lot of really fancy lanterns in a range of shapes, characters, animals, toys.. origami! Pretty impressive.

I’m pretty unimpressed with us that this is the only part of the Mid-Autumn festival that we took part in. Well, it’s not like we just lay in bed all day, we did have to wait in for deliveries and internet men etc. It has made me a lot more excited for future events though!

Here’s a few of the pictures I took this evening.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some of those photos are terrible, because I’m not a natural with the camera.

I’ll try harder next time 😦


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