It appears that after my day of getting overcooked the rain Gods looked down on me with sympathy and sent some weather to cool my charred skin.


Well, there was a typhoon.. somewhere. And we got a bit of it.

On Monday I decided to go shopping to cheer myself up and get out of the grump the weekend had left me in. I mean, I definitely needed to go shopping because it wasn’t like I’d received a parcel of bags earlier that day or anything..



Oh wait, yes I did.

Regardless of that, I deserved a treat. There hasn’t been much bad weather since I arrived.. and I have ignored Paul when he’s told me to download the Hong Kong observatory app. So when I looked out the window and spied the overcast grey sky I didn’t worry too much.. For some reason though, I decided to see if my umbrella would squeeze into my new pink horsey bag.. and it did, luckily, along with my phone/purse/keys/otherjunkIcarryaround.

I got halfway to Causeway Bay before the first rains started dripping on my hairs. Awesome, I have my umbrella I don’t give a poo. 5 Minutes later and my Teva sandals are saturated as well as my denim skirt. Sideways rain.



5 minutes from my target destination.. Forever 21.. and I’m seeking refuge under a tree. By this point my lower half was soaked so I just went for it. I powered through the rain, stood in puddles that coated my whole foot. When a girl wants to shop. Luckily I’m not a witch.
Hong Kong is prepared for this shit, they have umbrella bag gadgets at the entrance to most stores or shopping centres. You just insert your sopping umbrella into it and pull and it’s dry and safe to put in your bag. They even do two sizes, for the compact umbrella and the classic full length.

Is anyone still reading this shit?

Anyway, I did my shopping. Bought a skirt that doesn’t really fit me but I just didn’t want to leave it there. Anybody else ever do this?



So, the rain continued all day. It got worse in fact.. well, the wind got a lot worse. My umbrella turned inside out for a good few minutes at one stage. I met Paul after he finished work and we decided to walk home instead of taking the tram. It was pretty windy, I cut myself opening my umbrella somehow. I tried to find where I could have cut myself and there was zero sharp parts so I must have shivved myself with a blunt piece of metal.

A piece of tree had blown on to the road, not a whole tree, just a piece of one. And, that night, the wind and rain was really loud. For some reason I refrained from looking outside, stupid really because it would have been interesting to see what this noisy weather looked like. The next day Paul got up and got ready for work as normal, it still sounded a bit windy outside but he went any ways. Within 5 minutes he was crawling back to me, begging me to let him back in the flat. I did, because we hadn’t had an argument or anything, he wasn’t really crawling back. Lucky Paul had gotten the morning off work due to the ‘Typhoon’ so it was pjammies on, cups of tea and Fifa demo for him!


Compared to the weather I have actually gone to work in, this was nothing. It was wind and rain showers – but I guess they have to be safe rather than sorry. It was strange looking down and seeing the streets empty, there was the odd person walking about and every so often a car. But it was creepy, Hong Kong is supposed to be bustling!

C360_2014-09-16-09-34-33-320 C360_2014-09-16-09-38-46-146



By midday the weather warning was lowered and he had to go back to work 😦 Sad times for Sarah! The rain kept on through the rest of the day, and then the next day it was still hanging over us. But we survived it, we survived the first T8 typhoon storm warning.

Unfortunately not everybody did…



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