My people meeting confidence was pretty low after the boat disaster. I couldn’t trust PJ to introduce me to savoury characters so matters were thrust into my own hands.
I joined Meetup.com which is a global site to meet like-minded individuals. There’s a group for pretty much anything. I quickly crossed off a lot of the groups ‘Hong Kong Pub Crawl’.. I used to consider myself a crazy little party girl – those days are long gone. Crossed off the list. ‘Hong Kong Golden Girls’ – these guys do meals, light hikes, theatre trips.. amazing! Unfortunately I’m too young :'(. Crossed off the list. My favourite group so far has to be..


Like I said, a group for almost anything.

I actually did find some groups that I’m interested in. The perfect group for myself – ‘Womens Weekday Meet Up’ – for women (or girls as I like to call myself still) who have nothing to do during the day for various reasons, they can’t work or don’t work, they work weekends, have a new baby etc. So far this is the only meet up I’ve actually gone to. I also joined the ‘Hong Kong Lazy Group’ which is a big group of people who go lie on a beach every Sunday – I’m waiting for them to organise a weekday beach laying event. Also, the ‘HK Introverts Social’ who are so introverted they don’t plan events.. and some crap group called the ‘Hong Kong Long Termers’ ran by some idiot called Paul from England. Pft.

My First meetup was last Friday, I was nervous because I’m English and English people don’t go out and meet strangers for fun. So I picked out a lovely outfit, planned my route to the coffee shop we were going to and then set off to Wan Chair (which really isn’t THAT far away from us) I ended up freaking out because I thought I got the tram route mixed up and I got off the tram about 9 stops too early 😦 so by the time I got to the coffee shop I was a sweaty greasy mess. Oh Well.

Here’s a little bit about where we met – a coffee shop called Rabbithole in Wan Chai. Really easy to find just off of Johnston Road on Landale Street. It’s a tiny little hole in the wall – not a huge people capacity but at 11am it was pretty quiet. The coffee was cheap $35 hkd for one of the speciality blends which was delicious and strong. The food sounded amazing and from what I’ve heard the Korean BBQ beef sandwich is incredible, it must be as it was sold out when I got there. It’s also a roaster which means they make their own coffee which reminds me I need to go back and pick some up.. and a coffee brewer thingy.. Because Paul and I are now sophisticated coffee drinkers.

Back to the meetup, I met 4 girls all from incredibly different places but all in a similar set up to myself. They were from, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Amsterdam and another Brit. Some were married, one was here with her boyfriend like myself. None of us worked, and all agree it gets annoying explaining why you don’t or can’t work here. We had a lovely time getting to know each other, and I’m now a member of my first Whatsapp group which is more annoying than fun. After two coffees and a biscuit the group disbanded and on my way home I bought Paul a new football because someone lost his last one.

I assumed the next time I’d go to a meetup would be this week sometime but over the weekend another one popped up – Monday night cocktail catch up. I was feeling pretty confident after my successful début so I went ahead and RSVPed yes!

I was more than happy to see that we would be having cocktails at The Woods. A painfully trendy new cocktail bar that has taken cocktails to the NEXT LEVEL. I read about it just after I got here, they do a cocktail set menu with snacks in between each drink. One of the cocktails is inside an ice ball and you must smash it open to get to the drink. Another comes with absinthe cotton candy. So yeah, I was mega excited to go here.

The Woods is in Central, where we lived for a few months on the awesomely named Hollywood Road. I was pretty sure I’d seen it before so I just made my way to the road and walked, and walked.. and walked. Until I decided to check my maps (luckily I’d gotten a local sim that day so now had 3G yay!!) I had walked for 20 minutes too far. I had just walked straight past the bar. So, once again when I got there, I was a sweaty greasy mess. If you’re going to go to The Woods for the first time, keep looking out for it. It’s just a doorway as the bar is downstairs so it’s pretty easy to miss.

The bar was dark and there was wood and big tables and cool people everywhere and I was immediately in love. The service was great, we were offered help on what drink to choose. My first drink was blackberry on rye ( I think..) which was just like drinking Ribena except classier, I then had a honeydew sake cocktail which was super refreshing and fruity.. and I ended the night with an amaretto sour – you always have to try the amaretto sour. The drinks were incredible and looked great. I wish I could have had more but I spent a small fortune any way.. plus my head was starting to spin and I still had to get home on my own. I met even more lovely girls, most of these had jobs here so it was interesting hearing about their work from an Irish midwife to an American museum curator. They got me in the mood to travel because all of them had either just been away or were going away shortly.


I’d say meeting people my own way has been pretty successful, I went for lunch today with the girls I met on Friday! I am most certainly a lady of leisure now… but don’t tell Paul that..


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Typical Asian pose.

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