I finally have computer internet access which means I get to rave about the best night ever as I drunkenly proclaimed last Saturday night/Sunday morning.

I actually had a real Hong Kong night out, the first of many I imagine.

I’m going to do a direct comparison between a usual night out in my city of choice – Liverpool – and the night I had last weekend.

A night out going to Liverpool usually consists of getting ready at home alone, taking a silly amount of time to do my hair, making it as big and voluminous as possibly even though it’ll be flat within 30 minutes of leaving the house. Meticulously putting on a lot of make up, which always makes me think I should wear more make up on a day to day basis.  Stressing over what to wear and flashing the stink-eye (or is it the crook-eye) at my high heels already hating them for what they’re going to do to me. I try to drink my pre-drinks drink before the taxi or friends dad arrives to take us to the train station. We hobble along the platform, in the way that all untrained English girls in heels do, thinking we look hot.. On the train we’re either elated that we didn’t get ticketed or we hate the absolute wanker of a man who dared ask us to pay our way. Once we arrive in Liverpool, we hobble to the taxi rank – I’m usually already complaining about my feet feeling crippled despite the fact I’ve been sat down for 20 minutes – and off we go to our first destination.
Drink – Dance – Repeat.
Next bar.
Drink – Dance – Repeat.
(At this point I’d like to carry on the New Bar line for at least 4 more go’s but we usually just head straight to the same club.)


The shoes come off, our feet stick to the floor and we dance to the same playlist of music we danced to the very first night we entered the Kray.
And that’s it, cheap drinks and dancing whilst dodging the weird guys until we either have to track down a taxi or walk to our lift home for the night. And if it’s a taxi, that’s at least £40 you and whoever you’re with have to find.

Ok, so, my first night out in Hong Kong.. I don’t know whether I had an especially good night or if all nights can be like this but here we go.

I wore a floaty polka dot skirt, crop top and FLAT SANDALS! I’ve won at life already because I don’t feel the NEED to wear heels here. We get a tram to the train station, a tram that costs less that 20p and then we get a train to Central which costs less that £1. We head to our first destination – a shisha and cocktail bar. Amaretto Sours and cherry apple shisha ordered and we wait for the rest of our group – people we’ve never met before from all different countries. So, we’re smoking shisha, drinking cocktails and learning about each other. A guy who likes to salsa (completely unexpected) a girl who desperately wants to do everything Hong Kong has to offer TONIGHT. Seriously huge appetite for fun. Chatting to her I tell her how we went to a pub a few weeks before and played darts and beer pong. And she WANTS to play beer pong, now. So we go and play beer pong. Why not, it’s Saturday night in Hong Kong. Two very tight games of beer pong which both came down to one cup each and we move on again. This is where the night gets a bit meh for me, and we end up in a club that seems to have ‘shots shots shots shots shots shots’ on repeat and I can’t dance to that shit and I don’t want another drink. I guess it was an anti-climax to the fun that was had beforehand. However, watching Paul feel the music running through his veins, dancing with his eyes closed to some random rave song made me internally split my stitches and I was ready to carry on. Another crappy bar where it’s impossible to get served. Somewhere before this there was shots – injection shaped shots that were vile (I needed to include that).
Finally, we get to the highlight of my night, a bar called Insomnia, cocktails and the promise of live music. This group of guys on the stage, they didn’t look special but I was absolutely loving them. They were a cover band and had a few different singers but they played songs like ‘What’s up’ by 4 Non Blondes, ‘You can’t hurry Love’ and the bassist even did a perfect cover of Calvin Harris. We took many selfies and the singer of the band even took one for us whilst he carried on singing. After that it was time to go home.. which I didn’t want to do.

At the taxi rank we met a group of Filipino guys just started chatting with us. The nicest group of people I’ve ever met at 3am. They told us about their country and what they were doing in Hong Kong and were just lovely and friendly, we also spotted the awesome singer from the band, off to his next gig in Wanchai. ALSO I forgot to initially mention in this post that one of the guys we met, his names was ADONIS! Freaking Adonis, Paul and I were like ‘Wow, do you have any idea what your name means?!’ and he was just cool about it. Adonis.

Both nights do end the same way though, waking up the next day with a banging head ache.. desperately needing water and (for me) being sick all morning (and some of the afternoon.. and evening). We both agreed that this night was actually worth the shocking hangover.

I’m in no way saying that I have a terrible time on my nights out in England with my friends. I miss them a lot and wish they were here doing injection shots and playing beer pong with me. What I am saying is that Hong Kong definitely does nights out better than England!

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