I apologise for the lack of quirky post title. I’m in far too much pain for my brain to function fully.

On Sunday we went paint-balling with Paul’s meetup group, HKLT.
When I first got asked if I wanted to go paint-balling my reaction was ‘ABSOLUTELY NOT!’ – I didn’t like the idea of being shot by little hard balls of paint.. Eventually though, I came around to the idea and realised the pain mustn’t be THAT bad because people love it!

Paul, myself and about 15 other people rocked up to Paint-ball HQ eager and excited to battle it out. We donned our ugly outfits of baggy denim jeans and gothic styled long sleeve shirt, tied our team bandanas around our heads and armoured up (knitted gloves and goggles). We were ready for war.

The guns were pretty heavy and I got off to a good start by not taking the safety off, within a couple of minutes I was hit! Right on my little finger, and I later found out that the guy I’d been having a one-on-one with was no other than my darling boyfriend. It did hurt, as it was on one of the quite unprotected and bony parts of my body. I was out for the rest of the game and I was pretty happy about it, it was hot on the battlefield!

I lasted the next two rounds without getting hit, it was a pretty slow moving game and our group appeared to be full of campers,  nobody wanted to take a chance and move locations. I was immensely proud when I hit somebody, firing off another two shots at them to make sure they were dead. Most of the time you couldn’t tell if you’d hit them or not – that made it a bit unsatisfying.

The last game was a free for all, you got hit you just went back to base and started again. I didn’t give a damn in this round, I just stood up and opened fire on everyone. This resulted in me getting hit, multiple times. Once right in the face (good job for those goggles) the next time in the stomach.. and as I retreated back to base I got hit first in the back of the shoulder and then the back of the head. The last two REALLY hurt, I mean, the back of my head! Ouch!

Finally, the game was over and we went for an awful Chinese meal full of food I’ve never heard of.

I couldn’t possibly still be in pain from getting hit by a couple of paint-balls. No, it wasn’t the bullets that hurt me. It was kneeling down, crouching and squatting for about 40 minutes that has killed me. I can barely lift my self off the couch or lower myself onto the couch without my knees seizing up! I now have the knees of an 82 year old man.

I always try to look on the bright side of life, so my one speck of positivity is that as I’ve been couch bound, I’ve managed to rack up 24 hours of Sims 4 game play since Sunday morning. *sob*.


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