I’m almost two months into my Hong Kong adventure and still experiencing new things. There’s some countries that you can experience in a week but Hong Kong is just getting bigger and better.


The black dog is Mousse, white dog in Oreo.

I finally had my orientation at the Hong Kong Dog Rescue in Ap Lei Chau on Saturday. I’m not ‘qualified’ to walk SUPER cute dogs whenever the mood strikes me. The orientation was basic, telling us to not let the dogs get out on their own, clean up after yourself and keep a look out for little pees and poos. We visited the ‘problem’ dogs, dogs which are lovely but have behaviour problems mainly due to the way they were previously treated. One dog, Silo, isn’t allowed to go for walks because on the three walks he’s been on, he’s bit three people who all called the police and filed a report. If Silo bites one more person he goes to doggy heaven. Which is pretty fair, if a dog has a behaviour problem in England they get put down pretty quickly, there’s no three strike program. However most dog attacks in England are massive dogs ripping babies faces off. We learnt about how abandoned dogs are handled here as well, if a dog is abandoned to the government, they will put it down for free within a certain amount of time, so the dog rescue are constantly taking in new dogs via the government to stop harmless, healthy dogs from being unnecessarily killed. It’s amazing to see how many people devote their time for free to help out there.

Hi can I eat your face.

Hi can I eat your face.

It was lovely to be surround by dogs, even better that they were small breeds. There was poodles, terriers, some kind of chihuahua looking things and a couple of pugs. I fell in love with a little terrier called Bobo, because he kept barking at people and on the ‘behaviour problem’ list he was tagged as ‘protective’ which means he guards anything that’s his. He reminded me of my Pikachu <3. When it came time to take the dogs out we were told to pick your dog, or let them pick you. I squatted down and waited to see who came to me, it was a skinny, scruffy little poodle called Mousse. He was adorable and got on my lap in a little ball so it had to be him. Unfortunately, Mousse wasn’t too interested in walking when we got on the street. I had to carry him a few times because he dug his heels on and I didn’t want to drag him. I would usually have waited until he decided he wanted to go forth however the rest of the group had disappeared and I didn’t know where the dog park was yet.



Hong Kong is well prepared for dogs, Ap Lei Chau has a dedicated dog park, fenced off with separate sections so you can keep dogs apart if they’re not playing nice. There was even mops for cleaning up poop stains and wees. You need to carry a water bottle and baggies with you when walking dogs in Hong Kong, if your doggy wees then you have to squirt water on it, I can only assume this is because if you didn’t water it down everywhere would smell strongly off dog piss because of the heat. It’s a good idea!


Oh niiiiice!

We returned the dogs back to the centre, said our goodbyes and we were done. We’re now ready to volunteer any day of the week, you can even check out one of the dogs and take them on a hike for the day if you choose. I’m hopefully going back this week, it’s a lovely place to visit.

After we finished I walked around the promenade and sat on a bench in peace before returning back to busy Causeway Bay. I love how travelling for 20 minutes takes you into a world of peace and quiet.


3 thoughts on “DOG DAY!

  1. We’re definitely dog people. At one point I think we had 5! We lost one earlier this year and it about killed us, they become your family. What a good thing you’re doing! Soak up all that unconditional doggy love!


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