20141014_190507We went to watch Hong Kong play football on Tuesday night, they were only playing against Argentina so it was no big deal. Wait what, Hong Kong vs Argentina?! How did that happen?!

Hong Kong apparently paid $30 million HKD to get Argentina to play for the 100th anniversary of the HKFA. 30 million.


If anybody caught the results, this means the Hong Kong Football Association paid another countries football team $30 million to come and absolutely destroy their national team, in celebration of 100 years of football.

Well they must have MADE a ton of money off of people coming to see Argentina -AKA Messi- ?! I hear you cry.
Only 20230 tickets were sold, from a possible 40,000. Just over half of the seats were filled, which meant a huge loss for the HKFA. Or did it?
20141014_195428Not exactly, the match was underwritten by four of the HKFA’s top official, meaning any financial loss is covered. There’s going to be four men in Hong Kong who will be writing some very big cheques this week!

The match itself was amazing, I was rooting for Hong Kong to win – because I love the underdog. This clearly didn’t happen, Argentina dominated the match. Probably the only reason that they brought Messi on is because they knew that most people were there just to see him, which was confirmed by the cheers and high pitched screams of the tweenage boys who were all sporting ‘Messi’ shirts, I think most of the Hong Kong supporters were more interested in seeing Messi.


Umbrella Revolution

Umbrella Revolution

I’m really not a fan of football, when Paul is watching a match on TV I literally feel that it will never end and I’ll be stuck watching it for the rest of my life. Saying that, I did enjoy watching the game. I like seeing the players fall over and enjoy the atmosphere when somebody starts running with the ball towards the goal, I got pretty vocal when Hong Kong missed a shot and let out a few boos after some of Argentina’s 7 goals.

The parts I enjoyed the most were the multiple fans who had jumped the barrier to run across the pitch, the first guy got caught before he’d even touched grass, the second guy actually got Messi to sign his shirt mid game, the third guy got taken out and the last guy ran on well after the match had finished and after the players had left the pitch. He missed his chance.

The political problems in Hong Kong most likely affected the ticket sales, at the beginning of the game the Chinese national anthem was played and there was A LOT of people booing, umbrellas popped up around the stadium and the atmosphere changed until the music stopped. One plus point about the empty seats is that everybody got to move to better seats, the stadium literally shifted to the opposite side after half time. One bad point about the empty seats.. a Mexican wave looks less awesome.

Our very own row..

Our very own row..

I apologise that I don’t have a proper post match analysis, I’m really not qualified to do it as it was only my second ever football match, though I am now an expert on Messi’s techniques as he played at both matches!


Full time score!

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