So it’s been a couple of weeks since Halloween, my blood pressure is just about back to normal and I can once again successfully pick up a cup of tea without my shaking hands spilling half of it’s contents.

It was not Halloween day that gave me the willies, it was the weekend before. The weekend that Paul announced he’d bought us tickets for Ocean Park.

I was getting ready for Oktoberfest, running around Causeway Bay and Central trying to desperately find  a beer wench outfit – which I did indeed find – when he let me know we had premium priority pass tickets and I was SO excited. I’d wanted to go to Ocean Park since before Paul came here. Now, Oktoberfest was on the Saturday, Paul had booked the tickets for the following day.

Wise idea.


Wait, what. No, that was not a wise idea Paul. Bad Paul.


Bad ideas = smacked bottoms.


Silly Paul. Unfortunately, it was our only option as the Halloween fest ended on Halloween and Paul would be working all week.


Hangovering pretty hard.

He wanted us to get up bright and early, to get a head start on all of the other park goers as it was obviously going to busy.
Bright and early I awoke, and headed straight to the bathroom to puke up and then cry in the shower for a couple of hours.
There’s a reason I don’t drink beer (though no matter what I drink, the next day is still pretty similar.)
Pauls state was not unlike mine, he was fragile and we both hated ourselves for ruining our day.

Somehow we managed to pull our shit together and go to Ocean Park around midday, still feeling awful and wanting to drink any liquids we found, but we were there and before we knew it we were rollercoasting.

Paul will agree that when I’m a bit sick or hungover I am in an amazing mood (strange) (I spent 5 minutes crying with laughter that morning, due to the fact Pauls little toe had swollen up for some reason. Hilarious.)


Happy, blissfully ignorant to my upcoming trauma.

So, due to this good mood I was happy to see everything and do everything and was even happy seeing all the gross scary characters walking around the park.

We happily skipped to the front of the queue of a ‘show’ called ‘Rigor Mortis Live’. I now know that it’s an interactive haunted house, based on a horrible film. I did not know that at the time.

Alarm bells started ringing when I saw a sign warning people that there would be actors actively scaring guests.
‘Hmmm Paul, I don’t like things like this, I don’t want to do it.’
He laughed at me ‘Don’t worry’ he said ‘It will be fun’ he said.


Proof that Yahoo is evil.

Within 30 seconds I was shaking, sweating, whimpering. Like a baby. I actually wanted to cry. I had hold of Pauls collar, with my head buried in the back of his neck, eyes closed getting lead along like a blind donkey. The few moments I did look up (to attempt to enjoy myself) I saw two girls hanging from the ceiling and then a scary tiny woman running towards me. I saw an old lady hobbling around who I just knew was going to terrify me and I saw a fake exit. A fake exit that I ran to, which then turned black when I got to it.


I literally ran away from this guy.

I wish I could say I was putting it on to be cute, I really wasn’t. I was terrified for my life. Like I think somebody is going to be a real killer and really kill me ( I read too many horror stories). I was super relieved to be out in the open and I’m so glad it was still daylight. It clearly hadn’t affected me as much as the Asian girls crying into their boyfriends chest but I was profoundly disturbed.

I stayed disturbed for the entire day, it took me a while to stop shaking and I was seriously afraid of the costumed people after that. I sat and watched a child, that was far too small to be walking, take pictures with some horrendous looking beings. Whilst I stayed sat under a street light thinking I was Alan bloody Wake, waiting for Paul to laugh his way through the other haunted houses. All I can really say is well done to the Ocean Park team for putting so much effort into scaring the pants off people, it really worked for me.

The absolute worst ever was these guys who wore some kind of metal on them, they ran reallllly close by people and skidded on the floor making an awful noise and shedding sparks everywhere. One even did some crazy free running and ran up a wall near us. Terrifying.

I’d love to go back for Christmas and see elves and reindeer walking around everywhere but unfortunately we’ll be back in England for the entire duration of the Christmas fest >:(.

IMG_20141026_125031Apart from the Halloween awfulness the park was amazing, they managed to set the cameras on the rollercoaster so that every picture of me was absolutely awful. Like I was sat on something sharp and was sucking a lemon at the same time. Even the guy sat next to us on one of the rides laughed hard at me, I kind of wish I’d bought it. I definitely recommend the priority pass, there was 90 minute queues for some of the rides, the kinds of rides you’d get at a carnival in England, for the bigger rides we queued for less that 10 mins each time. Worth da extra ca$h.

Getting around the park is interesting as it is HUGE and is basically built on a rock, you have to travel between some areas by either getting the train or, my favourite, the terrifyingly awesome cable car. You get great views of the park and of the sea and realise just how big Ocean Park is.

Actual Halloween was not scary, it was funny. Paul, I and a girl from the Meet up group were waiting in Central to meet some people from our group and some tourists started taking pictures of us. And then more did, and then people got pictures with us, and then even more joined them and then the police shouted at us. We were obstructing the people traffic. We didn’t actually look THAT good, we looked scary rather than being a police man or a playboy bunny, there was some spectacular efforts out. Unfortunately I’m getting really lazy with taking pictures, and also didn’t want to get shouted at by the authorities again. Lan Kwai Fong, Hong Kong party central, was way way way busy, there was crowd control and a sign was up saying ’90 minutes wait to LKF’! It didn’t really take 90 minutes but it took a long time to get somewhere that was literally minutes away from us. It was an experience, but got pretty scary when a few people got impatient and a bit of pushing and shoving started. I think next year I’ll pick a bar, get there early and stay there for the whole night.

Enjoy some pictures of our day out 🙂

After the rapids!

After the rapids!

Not impressed. As usual.

Not impressed. As usual.


An unscary area


Don’t drop it!!


Paul in a haunted house!


Ocean Park at night.

IMAG0877 (1)

I guess I got brave..


Happy Halloween!




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