I feel like a terrible blog owner, I’ve really been neglecting to update recently. Not because I’m so busy, just because I’m so lazy. So now, when I have things I could be getting on with (packing, tidying, shopping) I’ve decided to type.

Last night, I told Paul he should take me out for tea and for some reason he actually did! That was very nice of him.

So, we sought advice from friends where to go for good for and especially good drinks and were pointed to Angels Share. A whiskey joint in Central.
Being from England, we have often said Hong Kong is hard to get used to because there’s so much more than meets the eye. To get to where you’re going you often have to look up or use your imagine as the address Google maps provides doesn’t always take you to the entrance. So, in true Hong Kong style, Angels Share entrance is an elevator straight off the street a little walk down from where the map tells you to go.
I’m learning to love the high rise city life as there’s always little gems of restaurants and shops to be discovered up in the buildings that you thought were just offices or apartments. In English cities everywhere you’d want to go is usually ground of first floor and shopping malls are decorated with lights and signs, here, it’s taken me months to realise an ‘office block’ is actually a designer mall.IMG_20141210_185436

Anyway, so Paul reserved a table for us because I told him to and it was lucky he did because the place was empty. I guess we got there before the after work rush because it soon started filling up. It was beautiful, I didn’t take many pictures as it was really dark and I felt obnoxious with my flash going off, plus it didn’t make for flattering photos..

It was happy hour at the bar – yay! So we both sampled a cocktail from their cheaper men. Paul had the ‘Angels Sour’ and I had the aptly names ‘Victorias Secret’.
I tried Pauls, it was meh, bit too much of a whiskey taste for me.. considering we were in a whiskey bar.. but my cocktail was delicious, passionfruit and strawberry and all kinds of girly fruitiness.. It went down pretty quickly.


The food menu was pretty small, mostly snacks with a few pasta dishes and side plates. We ordered duck breast with cherries and red wine sauce, 48 hr slow cooked short rib bites, trio of wagyu beef burgers and some fat chips. I loved it all, except I surrendered my half of the third beef burger to Paul as I got lucky with the first one not having any gristly fatty bits in it and couldn’t risk spoiling the taste with a gristly burger. The duck was heavenly and the ribs were meaty pieces of paradise. I wish I’d taken a picture because it all looked lovely like lots of plates of canapes for a party, but I was right in there devouring it all before I even thought about modern technology. IMG_20141210_194402

For our final drinks I ordered a delicious ‘Apple & Cinnamon Angeltini’ advertised as an apple pie in a glass, and Paul had the absolutely vile ‘Islay Bloom’ it didn’t look much and it didn’t taste any better. I’m sure whiskey lovers would have loved drinking what tasted like chargrilled whiskey but it was not to my tastes at all. My drink was absolutely beautiful to look and even better to drink it, I was very happy with my choices and even happier sipping my cocktail watching Paul choke his down 😀

We’re spending tonight with friends so last night was our last meal out in the city before we head to England for home cooking, Christmas dinner and pasties for two weeks.

I definitely recommend Angels Share, be careful to read the cocktail descriptions before you order to avoid a nasty surprise.. and if you like whiskey, the whiskey tasting selections looked like a fun thing to try for a special night out!

So as I was winding down that post I decided to look through my gallery at some pictures and found another food place that I loved. Rummin’ Tings, it just so happens to be practically across the road from Angels Share on Hollywood Road.

After going to Jamaica I declare myself an honorary Jamaican and in the two weeks we were there I became Bob Marleys biggest fan, bought jerk seasoning and fell in love with goat curry. I guess I because a stereotypical honorary Jamaican. So, when my drinking partner suggested Rummin’ Tings I was all up for it, we’d just spent an hour or so in The Woods, which I’ve posted about before, so it was nice to be somewhere with loud music and brighter lights for a while. I guess we’d both starved ourselves before we came out as we were both straight into the menu looking at the ‘tings’ and drooling overPhotoGrid_1418265807989 what to have.

Despite going to Jamaica I hadn’t actually had beef patties there, I’d read so many things in my holiday research that beef patties are the one to try but I never actually saw them on sale. They had them in the bar so I decided to try them, along with a plate of cornbread because if cornbread is on the menu you have to have it.

Getting into the Caribbean spirit I also ordered a can of Red Stripe, may as well go all the way.

So, the point of this post, the beef patties. Oh my God I was in heaven, they were spicy but I could handle it armed with my beer and my corn bread. However, when I tried the dipping sauce, accidentally dropped the piece of pattie in the sauce and then purposefully put the saturated piece of pattie into my mouth.. well.. cornbread and beer could do nothing for the pain that was occurring in my mouth at that time. Lesson, if you don’t like spicy, don’t eat the sauce.

So, since having the beef patties I’ve thought of nothing else. I hope when I eventually go back they’re as good as I’m making them out to be.

I’ve procrastinated enough for one day… 😀

Tell me what you think..

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