2015 HK BUCKET LIST so far..

I’ve barely seen Hong Kong in the time I’ve been here, that’s not to say I’ve not seen a lot. There’s no mistaking that Hong Kong is a big place with lots of different sides to it, but then when you’re here and meeting people and talking about things to do it gets even bigger. I’ve done a handful of ‘touristy’ things but I want to do more, and I want to see more of the Hong Kong countryside. So, like any good blogger these days, I’ve decided to write a list. A list of things I want to tick off within the next few months.

1. The big buddha.
How have I been in Hong Kong for nearly 5 months and NOT go to see the big buddha?! I think Paul may have made that pilgrimage already so maybe that’s why? I don’t know. It was one of the things people told me I HAD to see. It seems pretty easy to get to, a train ride followed by a cable car journey and then a short walk. There’s also a monastery which are always wonderful to see.

new-territories2. Ghost village tour
Before I came over to HK, Paul told me about a guy who does nature tours to the more remote areas. He suggested some and one that has really caught my eye is the ghost village tour, you get to see abandoned villages in the New Territories area which is North of the city and covered in forests and hills. I’m hoping that we go sometime in the next couple of months because I don’t think I’ll make it in the Summer heat. It’s a whole day experience, meeting at 9am and getting back to civilisation at 5pm – for this tour its around 350HKD but there’s also a lot of others to pick from and the price varies. Check the website out here Countryside Hikes for more info and to book.

3. Jumbo Floating Restaurantpic_landmark
I want to go to the Jumbo Floating Restaurant. I don’t think I need a reason for wanting to go to a floating restaurant. There’s food, and you’re floating. In water, not like in air or zero gravity or anything crazy. But still, it’s a very famous restaurant.. apparently. I hadn’t heard of it until I came here, but the Queen has been there.. and Tom Cruise.. and a lot of Chinese celebrities frequent it. If I’m completely honest, I want to go for the tourism points more than anything. The menu looks very Chinese and I don’t really do well with Chinese food. But, I’ve spotted lobster and some noodles on the website so I’m good to go…
Note to Paul, book a table ;). Kung
Back up into the New Territories, I want to visit Sai Kung. I’ve been told it’s one of the nicest parts of Hong Kong, with a beautiful beach.. or beaches? I don’t know, but I’m determined to find out. I’m going to pack my beach towel, sun lotion and flip flops and make my up North to enjoy the sea and sun in style. Rather than by being hit by plastic and pollution in some of the more questionable beaches in Hong Kong. You can hire boats to go fishing or swimming or go on a lovely hike (maybe not) around the countryside.

5. Lamma IslandLamma_Island_and_Pok_Fu_Lam_1
I love that it costs a couple of quid to hop on a boat and sail away to another island for a few hours and not having to worry about getting infrequent timetables. I really enjoyed visiting Cheung Chau a couple of months ago so I think it’s high time we explore another outlying island. Lamma island is an island paradise, there’s a mixture of western and Chinese families living there and is meant to be very laid back and relaxing. The beaches look glorious and the views on the hikes seem to be breathtaking. I think it’s just what I need and will be planning a day here in the very near future…

I’m sure there’s a million and one other things I want to do, and places I want to see but that’s all I could come up with today. Lets work on getting these checked off before I go adding anything else (like visiting outlying countries!).
If anybody is planning on visiting Hong Kong this year, do some thorough research of places you want to go, don’t just do the touristy things because you think you should, visit the islands and search for the parks and gardens hidden in the city.


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