HAIR METAL (very poor title)

So…. we’ve not done a massive amount since we came back.. My bucket list is off to a poor start. However, I have had a small streak of luck that I’m pretty happy about.


First of all, I entered a competition to win tickets for one of Paul’s favourite bands, Avenged Sevenfold. And I obviously won, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing about it. I knew he sort of wanted to go, but the price was pretty high considering I’m not a massive fan. We went, all the way to AsiaWorld Expo, ate with the high class ‘Phantom of the Opera’ audience and then rocked out with what I can only assume was every single alternative Hong Konger and expat in the city. I enjoyed myself, though the copious amounts of beer might have had something to do with that. I was thrilled when the one song I knew by them came on, and then I was done.. but unfortunately the band were not done.
I interviewed some concert goers for my ‘big in England blog about Asian culture’ (AKA I interviewed them for fun and because, well, beer.) The overall impression I got was that this was the best concert Avenged Sevenfold had EVER played in Hong Kong, pretty good review considering it was their first ever concert here.

Check out some of the pics that I put together with my favourite grid app!

Another stroke of luck that I’ve had recently is finding a hair salon that cut my hair beautifully and didn’t cost an arm and a leg like a lot of others in this goddamn expensive place. Hair Code, in TST. A friend took me there, she got a blow dry which, afterwards, her hair was so silky smooth and beautiful. I opted for the mid range ‘Top Stylist’ hair treatment, basically a wash (a 15 minutes shampoo, shampoo, conditioning treatment that was relaxing and also a nice little head massage) a cut/restyle and then finish. I went in there with my long, ratty, dry ended hair.. I’ll be honest I was pretty embarrassed when he was trying to comb the knots out of my hair, and when he asked me what I wanted doing I was practically screaming ‘CUT IT ALL OFF I CAN’T COPE ANYMORE!!’. Actually, I just told him to get rid of all the dry bits, and that roughly meant cutting it all off, because it was all dry.
This guy was a perfectionist, he kept checking the lengths and revisited every strand a few times to make sure it was perfect. I was holding my breath as he trimmed by fringe as I was terrified I’d end up with it half way up my forehead, but worry I did not need as it looked perfect when he was done. I thanked him millions, and whilst paying at the till he was still messing around with my hair, flicking it around to give it some movement.
All of this, no awkward small talk about the bloody X-Factor or Eastenders, a glass of water that I didn’t have to ask for and it all cost me $160 HKD – lets say around £15. BARGAIN!

Unfortunately there is no pictures of my hair as a huge spot has taken up residence on my face and I feel like a teenager in a 90s american sit com.


How did that picture of me get there!?!

Well, I guess the face zit signals the end of my good luck, and they say it comes in threes which is pretty accurate. First I had an allergic reaction on a meal/night out resulting in being doubled over in pain on the couch watching football with Paul, not forgetting the pain the reaction gave me ;). Yesterday I woke up after a refreshing sleep to be greeted by a killer headache and nausea all day. And then finally, the pimple.

Come onnn good luck!

giphy-facebook_s Thanks Lindsay!

PS I just realised, what if my awesome stylist was the Delilah to my Samson… Oh no!

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